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Find out how the Konverso platform optimizes employee and customer experience

As AI technology is evolving at the speed of light, Konverso is bringing the magic of Generative AI to its platform, enabling teams to unlock their full potential.

Businesses deal with a wide range of information from various sources such as websites, chat conversations, emails, databases, CRM, and ITSM among others.

Today, Konverso's Conversational AI Platform, powered by top-notch Generative AI models can efficiently process and harness all of this information.

Konverso revolutionizes businesses by optimizing workflows, enhancing customer communication, streamlining internal operations, and elevating the quality of both customer and employee experiences, Konverso empowers enterprises to unlock their full potential.

Through the utilization of Large Language Models (LLM), our platform showcases unparalleled proficiency in an extensive range of natural language processing (NLP) tasks, boasting remarkable accuracy. 

Whether it's generating dynamic and engaging text, summarizing information effectively, providing precise answers to inquiries, performing accurate text classification, analyzing sentiment, or deploying interactive chatbots, Konverso's platform harnesses the power of LLMs to deliver exceptional results.
The true strength of Konverso lies in its ability to seamlessly orchestrate AI and Generative AI technologies with your existing applications, data, and knowledge.
By leveraging our platform, companies gain access to prompt engineering tasks and unlock knowledge retrieval capabilities, enabling them to utilize the full potential of generative AI effortlessly.
At Konverso, we understand that privacy, security, and ethics are paramount concerns for enterprises. Therefore, we have meticulously selected Generative AI models that adhere to stringent compliance, privacy, and security standards.
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68% of employees use ChatGPT for work without informing their boss!

Using OpenAI, specifically ChatGPT, for workplace productivity can pose a risk to enterprises when employees handle sensitive information.

ChatGPT, initially launched as a consumer-oriented service, rapidly gained adoption by over 153 million individuals. Most ChatGPT users found major productivity gains leading to its utilization in the workplace. However, OpenAI did not specifically design ChatGPT to fulfill all enterprise security and privacy requirements.

Utilizing ChatGPT by OpenAI without proper oversight jeopardizes your company's data privacy, intellectual property, and overall IT governance. With Konverso, your business can harness the immense advantages of generative AI without compromising security or data privacy.

Generative AI
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Find out how the Konverso platform optimizes employee and customer experience










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Konverso's Agent Assist powered by generative AI offers real-time support to contact center agents.

It ensures prompt and precise interactions with clients, leading to increased customer satisfaction and streamlined support processes.



Generative AI revolutionizes Konverso's chatbots taking them to new heights of performance and effectiveness. By harnessing the power of advanced artificial intelligence, our chatbots leverage LLMs to generate dynamic and context-aware responses that closely mimic human conversation.


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