Want to give your
agents superpowers?

Helping agents to make an impact
with every interaction

Konverso’s Agent Assist helps contact center agents maximize customer satisfaction at every opportunity.
It eases a new agent's onboarding experience while facilitating their ability to rapidly handle a growing number of contacts.

Agents are enabled to go far beyond their SLA targets by automating repetitive daily tasks.

Agent Assist also produces recommendations from multiple knowledge and database systems in seconds. These recommendations are improved through ongoing interactions with agents, meaning the capabilities of Agent Assist are not static but exponential.


Available in the Agent workspace for high productivity

Leverage transcript text from Live Chat, and IVR

Produce real time recommendations

Provide analytics on performance

Use Intelligent categorization

Prepopulate fields in ticketing systems with collected data


Konverso revolutionizes Agent Assist
with Generative AI

Konverso’s new Agent Assist solution utilizes Generative Artificial Intelligence to provide real-time support to contact center agents during customer interactions. 

This copilot for customer support agents examines incoming tickets, chats or emails and generates draft responses from a knowledge base, allowing agents to review and modify the content before sending it to customers.

This time-saving process can reduce workload by up to 70%, helping meet service-level agreements and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Improved first contact resolution promotes long-term loyalty, encouraging customers to return.

Agent Assist analyzes sentiments, generates response recommendations in real time and proposes solutions from your knowledge base.

It also summarizes phone and live chat exchanges and delegates simple topics to a customer support chatbot.

Konverso's Agent Assist solution substantially accelerates the onboarding and training of new contact center agents, reduces attrition and therefore optimizes your contact center’s performance and customer satisfaction.


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