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Boost Efficiency with Generative AI-Powered Search

Create more value by harnessing the power of Generative AI-powered search

Are you aware that the workforce today dedicates approximately 30% of their time to searching for information?

Konverso’s AI Search revolutionizes innovation from its core, enhancing user experience and empowering impact-driven teams with a GenAI powered search functionality and comprehensive content recommendations. Our advanced system ensures a seamless and efficient search process, delivering precise and relevant results in real-time.  

In doing so, AI Search elevates your workplace productivity to three times its current capacity, enabling your employees to invest less time searching for information and more time driving meaningful actions.

From IT & HR to Finance and Sales & Marketing, AI Search seamlessly uses Generative AI to dig up old and new information from your existing knowledge base and relevant data, and provides precise answers to your search queries. 

Searching for information can be time-consuming. Transform information from being a potential liability to a valuable asset by effortlessly locating knowledge across various sources with a unified search engine. Konverso's AI Search empowers you to enhance your search experience for superior results. 

Acquire a holistic perspective of the most pertinent information and swiftly pinpoint precisely what you need, courtesy of fine-tuned relevance and dynamic filtering. 


Connectors to Knowledge Systems

Secure Gen AI powered search

Analytics on performance

SSO Integrations

Federated Search

Access Management

Content Filtering


With Generative Artificial Intelligence, Konverso's AI Search offers a range of unique features:   

AI Search

AI Search employs advanced search strategies rooted in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our NLP processing pipeline incorporates sophisticated techniques such as lemmatization, orthographic correction, and named entity recognition, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of user queries and to find the most relevant content for a given search query / search intent of a user. By leveraging semantic embeddings and vectors, we elevate search result relevancy to unprecedented levels.

Generative AI

Enhance your search experience with our advanced synthetic response feature. Our powerful search engine identifies most pertinent content from your knowledge bases which is then used by a large language model (LLM) to generate a response.

Link Konverso AI Search with your existing tools, such as Google Drive, Microsoft Sharepoint, ServiceNow, and Confluence to increase your team's productivity. 


Content Access

The Konverso AI Search leverages permissions established within native content repositories to effectively explore organizational content, enabling employees to efficiently search for content across your organization. It also allows to seamlessly manage content access, allowing only designated individuals to view restricted information. Provide your teams with the advantage of accessing up-to-date, readily available, and easily navigable centralized information from every department within your organization

Link with Gen AI-powered Chatbot

Enhance your content retrieval capabilities by combing our chatbot technology with our AI search technology to seamlessly retrieve answers and information from your enterprise systems. Elevate your user experience by integrating our current chatbot technology with AI-powered search, ensuring a comprehensive and efficient knowledge retrieval process.

Generative AI- Redefining the Employee Experience 2024

Learn what Generative AI has in future for Employee experience: Download our EX report and prepare for 2024.



Konverso revolutionizes search
with Generative AI

Our new AI Search solution represents a significant advance in the way companies manage companies manages and access their own information and leverage the power of Generative AI (Large Language Model or LLM) and deliver a truly personalized and automated experience.

Generative AI generates responses without being explicitly told what the correct response should be. This allows the model to be incredibly flexible and capable of handling a wide range of questions by using your digital library efficiently.

Searching responses has never been this fast and secure at the same time as it now is.


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