Ever wondered how
to reduce your AHT by 50%?

your IT support


simple tasks

Quickly automate 40% of Level 1 support cases



Reduce Average Handling Time by 50% and increase user satisfaction



Win up to 20% In Net Promoter Score

Solve challenges of IT Support
with Konverso's solutions

IT Support teams' challenges

Tech support teams working with traditional methods still have problems reaching their targets, whether Service Desk Cost per ticket, Mean Time to Resolve, First Contact Resolution Rates, Ticket Backlog, Average Handle Time, or Customer Satisfaction.

Contact center agents are often swamped with user requests, while employees are regularly stuck until the issue is resolved, thus wasting precious time. As a result, frustration can mount, and little time is left for more meaningful projects.

Konverso’s solutions

Whether resetting passwords, provisioning software, answering IT questions, or setting up a VPN from home, our solutions instantly resolve the bulk of employee IT issues, cutting out long waiting times and the need for further attention.

In doing so, Konverso ensures a fast, smooth, and integrated operation for your IT support team and puts the "it" factor back in IT.

Intelligent Routing works by intercepting and routing complicated emails or tickets to the right expert or group. Our platform leverages its pre-built Machine Learning models to learn your assignment groups from historical tickets in your ITSM. On average, L1 service desks take five hours to read and route employees' support issues. Our platform, however, makes that backlog disappear. As a result, employees will spend less time waiting for help.

Lastly, when complex tickets land at the Service Desk, Agents get first-rate assistance from our AI-powered Agent Assist. Our multichannel Agent Assist leverages chat or telephony conversations between agents and users to generate instant recommendations to the service desk agent. This speeds up agent onboarding and improves the agent's employee experience.

Profitable returns

Konverso's solutions generate excellent ROI for our clients. Our platform deflects between 25% to 50% of Level 1 contacts. Customers such as Pôle Emploi, the French government job agency, show that our platform automatically handles 85% of their chats without transferring to a human agent. NowBrains has reported that our platform attains 90% accuracy using Intelligent Routing. Service desk agents gain between 6% and 13% in productivity.


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