Win more RFPs with our Copilot Powered by Generative AI

RFPs made easy
with secure Generative AI

Konverso’s Copilot RFP revolutionizes the way organizations handle proposal requests. By harnessing the potential of Generative AI and your company's data, we streamline your process of responding to Request for Proposals.


In doing so, Copilot RFP automates approximately 80% of responses and makes the process 7x faster.

From Sales & Services to Audit teams, Copilot RFP seamlessly takes your existing RFPs and relevant data, to get precise and personalized responses to your information requests.

Responding an RFP can be a time- consuming and challenging process, therefore, our RFP solution empowers you to generate top-tier responses, regardless of challenging deadlines or multitude of proposals you need to manage.  

Users of of Copilot RFP have a remarkable impact, improving team satisfaction and enhancing proposal quality.


Auto-fill answers

Secure Gen AI model

Provide analytics on performance

SSO Integrations


THE GENERATIVE AI PLATFORM: An Essential IS Component for the Success of Your Generative AI Projects

Explore insights from the expert regarding the Generative AI platform and the prevailing trends in this dynamic field.


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With Generative Artificial Intelligence, Copilot offers a range of unique features:   

Large Scale Pre-Training 

Generative AI has been pre-trained on a massive corpus of text data which allows it to be meticulously trained to uphold best practices and ensure a consistent, structured approach across the entire RFP.

It is easy to give context and instructions to an AI model in natural language so that your Copilot responds according to the information you provide in your digital library, creating comprehensive, personalized responses quickly.


Enhance your workflows with seamless integrations. Link Konverso Copilot RFP with your existing tools, such as Azure, Excel, and Google accounts, to supercharge your team's capabilities.

The outcome? Boost in productivity, deeper insights, and improved response capabilities.


Generate AUTO responses 

Streamline your RFP response process with Konverso's Copilot. Say goodbye to sifting through old documents and reformatting outdated responses. Let our automation tool handle the manual, low-impact tasks, empowering your team to concentrate on crafting stellar responses effortlessly.

Knowledge Management

Empower your teams with up-to-date, readily available, and easily accessible centralized information from every department within your organization. Simplify knowledge management and automate repetitive tasks to enable teams to focus on tailoring each response, ensuring a winning customer experience for maximum efficiency and scalability.

Task Delegation for Enhanced Productivity

Effortlessly optimize your response process, promoting transparency across all levels. With customizable roles and permissions, delegate tasks to the right team members, enabling seamless handling of inquiries, updates, and information retrieval. Grant varying levels of access to different teams, facilitating smooth content organization and fostering a collaborative environment.

Konverso revolutionizes RFP completion
with Copilot AI

Our new Copilot for RFP solution represents a significant advance in the way companies manage requests for information and leverage the power of Generative AI (Large Language Model or LLM) and deliver a truly personalized and automated experience.

Generative AI generates responses without being explicitly told what the correct response should be. This allows the model to be incredibly flexible and capable of handling a wide range of questions by using your digital library efficiently.

The filling of responses has never been this fast and secure at the same time as it now is.

Generative AI- Redefining the Employee Experience 2024

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