Want to offer your employees IT support 24/7?

Puts your service desk
on auto-pilot

Konverso’s Virtual Agent allows organizations to sidestep the 24/7 tsunami of internal correspondence by proactively responding and assisting with common employee issues, such as password resets.

In doing so, Virtual Agent deflects approximately 40% of service desk interactions.

From IT & HR to Finance & Customer Services, AI Search responds across all departments and becomes an invaluable solution, by quickly learning from user interactions via machine learning.

No matter the complexity of the topic, intelligent routing automatically transfers requests to the proper resolution group.


Multilingual NLU in 20+ languages

100+ prebuilt conversational workflows

50+ pre-built connectors for ITSM, Digital workplace, RPA, etc.

No code platform to design outbound campaigns

AI Search & Intelligent Routing

35+ pre-built analytics



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Konverso revolutionizes IT Support
with Generative AI

Our new AI Chabots now leverage the power of Generative AI (Large Language Model or LLM) and deliver a truly personalized and natural experience.

Generative AI generates responses without being explicitly told what the correct response should be. This allows the model to be incredibly flexible and capable of handling a wide range of conversational tasks

The deployment of virtual agents has never been as rapid and efficient as it now is.

With Generative Artificial Intelligence, chatbots now offer a range of unique features:   

Large Scale Pre-Training 

Generative AI has been pre-trained on a massive corpus of text data which gives amazing conversational skills.

It is easy to give context and instructions to an AI model in natural language so that your chatbot responds according to the information you provide in the prompts.

Prompts allows you to control your chatbot and avoid hallucinations for instance.

Generate responses 

Forget scripted chatbots. Generative AI leverages enterprise content to generate personalized responses. There is no need to script anything. 

Multilingual capabilities 

Generative AI can understand and generate responses in multiple languages to support your operations around the world


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