Konverso is a powerful conversational AI & automation platform

transforming our future



Konverso brings Generative AI models to its platform. Large Language Models (LLM) are powerful language models that can perform a wide range of natural language processing (NLP) tasks with high accuracy. This includes text generation, text summarization, Q&A, classification, sentiment analysis, chatbot and more.

Konverso’s platform orchestrates AI and Generative AI with your company applications, data and knowledge to optimize workflows, enhance customer communication and streamline internal operations.



Automation is the well-known process of highly repetitive and predictable tasks (set by humans) delegated to software.

In the case of Konverso, our intelligent automation provides a set of capabilities that include 100+ pre-built scenarios, a graphical conversational workflow engine to personalize and create workflows, and a software development kit (SDK) that gives endless possibilities for powerfully automating complex processes.



Machine Learning uses data in order to accurately perform tasks. In Konverso’s platform, we employ multiple machine learning frameworks, focused on processing unstructured text, for different tasks and outcomes.

Our platform includes clustering, categorization, similarity learning frameworks, and more.

Some frameworks are supervised models, such as categorization; others are unsupervised, such as clustering frameworks.

Machine Learning is employed for a range of cases and is combined with our NLP and automation engine to deliver value for our customers.

The Machine Learning behind the Konverso platform uses a powerful engine to ensure that Konverso’s conversational AI is always two steps ahead of the game.



Natural Language Processing is the ability to analyze, understand, and automatically process language. One facet of NLP is Natural Language Understanding (NLU), which processes unstructured text in order to understand the intents contained in emails, chat, phone calls, tickets, and webforms. Sophisticated NLU engines understand the nuances, typos, and semantics contained in unstructured text.

On the back of this, an engine orchestrates the next best actions to take. This occurs with Natural Language Generation (NLG), which is the ability to generate text. There are multiple applications of NLG, such as responding to a question, creating summaries, and generating a paragraph.

NLP has been around for many years. However, recent research has made amazing progress thanks to interest of the research community, the availability of massive data, the cost of computing, and the progress in machine learning. Konverso’s conversational AI platform has a state of the art NLP engine, which combines NLU and NLG to handle a variety of scenarios for our customers.



AI Search has the capacity to run searches — beyond simple key words — in multiple knowledge bases and come up with the most relevant solution possible.

We’ve added NLP capabilities to our search engine. Furthermore, AI powered search has the added benefit of improving over time via machine learning.

Through constant interactions, the AI engine provides ever more accurate results and recommendations.

Konverso employs AI Search in conjunction with other aspects of our conversational AI platform to deliver instant solutions. For instance, our Virtual Agent solution relies on AI search to retrieve answers from knowledge bases.



Multilingual AI is the ability for AI to perform as a polyglot and automatically respond in the native language of the user.

Konverso provides a unique, hybrid multilingual model that supports companies around the world, incorporating 19+ languages with more to come.

By removing this final barrier of communication, our model allows clients to reach new markets and expand their customer base much further than they ever anticipated.