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Corporate chatbots: the new allies for digital transformation

Today, in the digital age, many companies are strengthening the digital culture among their workforce and thoroughly modernizing the employee’s workplace environment. However, on this road to the digital workplace, they encounter a few challenges that must be addressed by the CIO. 

Two main challenges of the digital transformation inside organizations

The digitalization of the workplace takes many forms. However, all existing initiatives seek the same goals:

  • improve collaboration across the organization,
  • develop true business agility,
  • improve the workplace, and therefore the quality of life at work,
  • secure sensitive data, while ensuring employees a simple and fluid use of information,
  • increase productivity and reduce operational costs. 

corporate chatbots are the new allies for digital transformation

1. Ensuring that new collaborative solutions are adopted by business users

Changing the working practices of business users in order to gain collective efficiency is one of the main challenges of digital transformation initiatives . Companies have made significant investments in the deployment of digital solutions such as collaborative suites like Microsoft 365 or Google Suite.

They have also implemented self-services in many areas, such as Human Resources, IT Help Desk  or Customer Relationship Management.

To reach the full return on investment on such projects, companies must ensure that the new solutions are widely adopted by business users. This is where IT Service Desk plays a key part.

2. Automating support tasks

One other major challenge of internal digital transformation is the automation of some tasks related to end-user support. To manage the new, often complex demands of business users, IT Service Desk teams need to free up more resources. 

After the big waves of outsourcing we have witnessed, some limitations seem to have been achieved and companies are now looking at automation.

How a corporate Chatbot designed for employees can accelerate digital transformation?

Many companies are currently evaluating whether conversational AI platforms can make sense in the context of their specific digital strategy, by exploring pragmatic use cases.

Virtual agent  are an efficient way to address the challenges previously described. They can be used both to provide real-time support to end-users and to automate the management of many tasks and workflows.

However, to achieve these objectives, corporate Chatbots too need to be widely adopted.

Only a solution that meets these 4 requirements will deliver the expected benefits:

  1. The chatbot for IT help desk  must be ready to use, in order to bring value quickly to the end-user and to accelerate the transformation of employee practices.
  2. The intelligent virtual agent  must be tightly integrated with existing information systems, so it becomes a companion available everywhere and at any time for business users. This way, it will make the employees’ lives easier, which is key to maximize its adoption. Only a true multichannel solution, accessible through Web, mobile and corporate messaging platforms, can deliver the agility expected by the business.
  3. A corporate Bot  must include advanced capabilities, such as machine learning cognitive process automation and business process automation technologies, to optimize  the operational efficiency of the company.
  4. The Chatbot must be secure, to protect the business knowledge and the company information systems and big data.

 What makes Konverso Corporate Chatbot unique?

 Konverso focuses on the digitalization and transformation of the company’s support functions, especially the IT Service Desk, to help them deliver a better experience to the business users.

Konverso has invested since its creation on the following elements:

  • Applying natural language processing technologies to actual business cases, like the ones faced by the IT Service Desk. This unique combination results in a pre-trained virtual agent , ready to use.
  • Machine learning technologies, combined with an enterprise IT integration engine, to accelerate cognitive automation projects .
  • A secure solution integrated with enterprise authentication solutions
  • A flexible and multichannel solution, that lets end users choose the channel they prefer (webchat, instant messenger, web, mobile…)


For example, Konverso can use its algorithmic and human language processing models to classify and categorize incoming requests to the Service Desk. Then, the virtual agent t is able to look into internal or external knowledge bases through a secure connection, in order to find solutions to the problems reported by users. 

Finally, it selects the ones that seem most appropriate and submit them to the user, who doesn’t have to wait to solve its issue.

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