Human Resources, with an AI Twist!

Our Mission Starts With Humans

Human Resources play a vital role in any company. They are responsible for the recruitment, selection, training, and development of employees. They also manage employee relations and handle payroll and benefits administration. It is the beating heart of any successful organization and ensures that everything runs smoothly and efficiently.

That being said, with the amount of assignments a HR department has to stay on top of, it is not always smooth sailing. Hiring the right person for the job, properly training employees, and providing adequate support for those same employees are just a few of the tasks handed to HR.

These tasks can be time consuming, and if an efficient system isn’t in place, they can lead to considerable time loss on low-value demands, the slowing down of vital processes, and missed deadlines—all of which inevitably result in lost time and money.
With Konverso’s conversational AI in place, we make sure that your company will not fall victim to such pitfalls. Instead, Human Resources will achieve all it sets out to do, by supporting employees and enabling them to remain focused on the job at hand.

Bringing It All Together

Human Resource departments are usually divided into several key functions, each of which covers a different area of responsibility. With Konverso’s platform, all of these key functions are centralized and available 24/7. This creates an easy-to-use framework that accelerates requests and processes. Here is a look at some of the ways Konverso helps HR departments:

Employees can access information on the different types of benefits they are eligible for, who is covered, and premium costs.

Employees are able to search for and find other colleagues as well as their contact information when needed.

Employees receive immediate approval requests on any pending items from managers or co-workers.

Employees can not only view and download their payslips with ease, they can also ask questions about them with instant answers.

Employees can find answers to questions about company policy and other frequently asked HR questions through AI powered searches.

Updated Personal Information
Employees can correct and maintain their own personal information, ensuring that the company directory is never out of date.

Employees can easily check how much paid time off they have saved up and also apply for more time off, including leave of absences for emergency situations.

The Brain of the Operation

The three primary Konverso products used to support an HR department and give each employee a unique digital experience are:

  • Virtual Agent: automated AI to help and guide employees with any queries without the need of human interaction

  • Agent Assist: real-time assistance to Human Resources during employee interactions

  • Intelligent Routing: the routing of an employee’s complex-question to the most
    appropriate agent/department to resolve the issue efficiently

These three products combine seamlessly and use powerful AI technologies such as AI search, machine learning, and Natural Language Processing to do so. Through revolutionary software, your HR department will be able to de-escalate any employee query in real time, and give high precision answers at the tap of a button.

Better still, Konverso’s conversational AI also plugs into HR support tools so that questions can be directly asked in familiar working environments such as Microsoft Teams. This makes the journey of asking questions and receiving answers quicker, simpler, and more satisfying for all.

A Final Word

Organizations nowadays come in all shapes and sizes, from small, compact start-ups to international corporations with multiple departments. Regardless of size, the importance of streamlined avenues of information running between co-workers and different management levels is crucial. It forges a united front and delivers management objectives, and must never be overlooked.
Dealing with humans can be rewarding. It can also be time consuming and diplomatically tricky. And this is where Konverso’s automation and conversational AI plays a huge role in keeping up team morale and team performance. With less interruptions and less time spent answering FAQs, the HR department can stay at the crest of the wave and be immediately responsive to any incoming demands employees may have.

We at Konverso know that humans are ultimately the most valuable resource in a company, and a resource where the returns on investment are huge. And so it is exactly that human resource that our AI platform aims to support.