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Microsoft enhances Konverso’s bot for employee productivity

By Bertrand Lafforgue on Nov 6, 2019 2:54:20 PM

Microsoft dedicated an article to Konverso in its Microsoft Experiences French blog, as part of a series about innovative start-ups from the Microsoft ecosystem.

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Digital Transformation & ITSM: your journey with Konverso

By Bertrand Lafforgue on Oct 1, 2019 7:21:19 PM

Since we started Konverso in 2017, we now have feedback on the impact of our Virtual agents (chatbots and callbots) and the way enterprises are shaping their digital strategy to add more virtual agents. Our clients are envisioning to have multiple Virtual Agents  to support various functions and roles in the Enterprise. 

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IT Service Desk transformation with Virtual Agents

By Bertrand Lafforgue on Sep 30, 2019 7:00:31 PM

While most companies focus on navigating through their digital transformation, providing a good service desk has never been more important. But human and financial resources are stretched thin. 

Topics: Service Desk Helpdesk automation Artificial Intelligence Digital Workplace
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Microsoft adoption: Top 3 reasons to include a Chatbot

By Bertrand Lafforgue on Aug 26, 2019 8:47:57 PM

Despite Office 365’s high potential business value – improved productivity, increased collaboration and reduced IT service costs – many companies struggle to achieve its promises. 

Topics: Corporate Chatbot Service Desk Microsoft virtual agent
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Digital workplace: the top 3 features for a Virtual Agent

By Bertrand Lafforgue on Aug 23, 2019 8:47:55 PM

Corporate Chatbots are getting smarter at a rapid pace, fuelled by the digital transformation and a growing demand from enterprise users. Employees are now willing to interact with artificial intelligence agents to gain productivity and simplify their professional digital experience. 

Topics: Corporate Chatbot Artificial Intelligence Digital Workplace
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Enterprise chatbot: why join Konverso’s free trial program?

By Bertrand Lafforgue on Aug 19, 2019 8:47:52 PM

Not surprisingly, most companies which have decided to launch their artificial intelligence chatbot project want to test the technology first. This “test and learn” method is the right approach to select the right partner in the exceptionally dynamic “Digital Agent” market. 

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Konverso ranked among Top 10 IVAs vendors

By Bertrand Lafforgue on Aug 9, 2019 6:58:08 PM

Konverso has been listed among top 10 companies in the Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVAs) market by Everest Group, a leading consulting and research firm that advises clients on digital transformation strategic IT, business services and sourcing. 

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Chatbot levels : How to choose your AI Virtual Agent ?

By Bertrand Lafforgue on Aug 4, 2019 12:56:28 PM

How smart are chatbots now? Is your bot as smart as you would like it to be? What makes your Virtual Agent smarter or less capable than your competitor’s? There has never been such a gap among chatbot solutions on the market and more challenges for enterprise decision makers to really know what virtual agent to pick.

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Key benefits of AI for Service Desk Automation

By Bertrand Lafforgue on Dec 6, 2018 3:24:44 PM

Companies across the world are amidst transformations to meet the needs of an increasingly digital world. According to IDC, spending on digital transformation in 2023 is expected to reach more than $2 trillion. 

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Why cognitive services for Helpdesk automation makes sense?

By Bertrand Lafforgue on Apr 10, 2018 10:52:54 AM

Today, companies are engaged in a race against time, to accelerate and succeed in their digital transformation. All functions within the organization are concerned by this transformation, but some of them are on the front line, like the Service Desk. 

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