Intelligent Routing: From 0 to a 100 in under 10 Seconds!

Self-Driving Data

Imagine user inquiries automatically found the correct department and contact agent. Imagine there was no more wait or back and forth with middlemen to find the right answer. Now, imagine just how useful that would be. Well . . . welcome to Intelligent Routing—one of a number of powerful technologies Konverso currently utilizes for its Conversational AI platform.

Intelligent Routing is a type of network routing that uses artificial intelligence to make decisions about where to send information found in unstructured textual data (from emails, chats, etc). Intelligent Routing is used in a variety of settings, including computer networks, transportation systems, and manufacturing processes.

In a computer network, Intelligent Routing directs data based on factors such as congestion, traffic patterns, and network conditions. By using Intelligent Routing, network administrators can optimize network performance as well as improve overall efficiency and user experience.

Intelligent Routing is the perfect solution for managing complex systems.

The Ideal Chaffeur for Your Customers

Of the many benefits to a company of employing Konverso’s platform, perhaps the most obvious benefit is that it can help to improve customer service. By automatically re-routing calls based on real-time data—like voice, digital, or social channels—organizations can ensure that calls are always routed to the best possible agent to resolve the issue, resulting in shorter wait times and happier customers.

Nothing is more frustrating for customers than to feel like they are wasting time and being passed about like a hot potato—with no idea of when (or if!) they will arrive at their destination. Intelligent Routing makes this problem of living in limbo a thing of the past, and keeps first contact resolution rates high. Konverso's platform reduces both average handle time and ticket backlog, with an AI engine that can triage up to 80 different groups with 90% accuracy.

In addition, Intelligent Routing helps businesses to improve their data collection and analysis on customer behaviour. By tracking data such as call volume, wait times, and caller satisfaction levels, businesses can gain valuable insights into their customer service operations. This information can then be used to make further improvements to the routing system, resulting in an even more efficient and effective customer service experience...

A Look Under the Hood

In a conventional phone-based system, your clients would select their own path through your contact centre, but conversational AI makes this routing far more clever. Instead of relying on keywords, Konverso employs artificial intelligence and natural language processing to figure out what your consumers truly want. Natural Language Processing (NLP) is the ability for computers to analyze, comprehend, and automatically process language.

Furthermore, our platform easily loads data from external systems. You can quickly identify the best AI models for your categories and even create your own AI model for advanced users. It is possible to deploy our platform both in the cloud or on-prem.

Avoid the Scenic Route and Save Gas (Money!)

Unsurprisingly, Konverso’s implementation of Intelligent Routing helps businesses make significant savings. By routing calls more efficiently, businesses avoid unnecessary call transfers and reduce the overall number of calls that need to be handled. This frees up time and resources that can be used elsewhere within a company.

Not stopping at Customer Support, Konverso also uses Intelligent Routing for IT Support and HR support. By automatically directing employees to the most appropriate resources based on their needs, HR can more effectively help employees resolve issues. Additionally, intelligent routing improves communication between colleagues and different departments within a company. This of course leads to a more streamlined and cohesive workplace, which ultimately improves productivity.

Just as with HR, the same can be said for IT. On any given day, an IT Support Team at a large organization is inundated with hundreds of queries and requests pertaining to forgotten passwords, software issues, etc. Intelligent Routing ensures that the right tickets arrive quickly and accurately, and can be resolved—in many cases—nearly instantly.

Arriving at Your Destination

Past are the days when people used physical maps to work out how to get from A to Z. And past will be the days when companies functioned without the assistance of AI for efficiency and turnaround. All companies, no matter the sector or business they are engaged in, have workflows, production lines, and systems of operating. The more efficient these systems are, the more successful these companies often become. And make no mistake, whether it is Amazon or Uber, Intelligent routing plays a big part in allowing them to arrive at their desired destination.