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"We already noticed a rise in interactions. Just a few months after the launch; the Chatbot already manages 17% of users’ requests, which is high regarding our end users’ maturity"

Alan Connolly, Product Manager




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“Plug and play”

Virtual Agent runs on Microsoft Azure Cloud and is perfectly integrated with ITSM platforms from Live Chat to Incident, Request, Service Catalogue, Knowledge and more

Pre-built scenario and conversations

Quickly deploy intelligent conversations for the most common enterprise IT scenarios.

Easy to use Back office

The solution is made for IT Service Management teams which can run and extend the Virtual Agent without coding.

key benefits
For IT Help Desk


Deflect calls to IT Help Desk

Konverso’s clients achieve between 20% to 45% call deflection. Konverso Virtual Agent has pre-built automation scenarios in conjunction with Robotic Process Automation to accelerate shift left.

Agents can concentrate on more complex tickets and on activities that have a higher impact on your company transformation plan.

increase employee productivity

Konverso’s clients observe a +5% employee productivity by giving their employees real-time support across multiple channels.
Konverso uses machine learning to transform the digital workplace into an autonomous IT support channel, helping to resolve employees' tech issues instantly by conversing with them in natural language.

Using Konverso and Teams, you can resolve a large percentage of IT support tickets quickly.


Increase End User satisfaction

Virtual Agent enables IT Help Desk to increase the service availability, it reduces waiting time, accelerate Mean Time To Repair.
Employees get their incidents and requests resolve faster. The Virtual Agent is available across channels where the employees are working.

All of these elements contribute to 40% increase in employee satisfaction.