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Our Virtual Support Agents help Enterprises achieve


Reduction in calls to support operations


Increase in employee productivity


Increase in agent and employee satisfaction

We already noticed a rise in interactions. Just a few months after the launch; the Chatbot already manages 17% of users’ requests, which is high regarding our end users’ maturity
Alan Connolly, Product Manager
Our two technologies are perfectly complementary. Our smart Digital Workforce bridges the gap between front-end AI technology developed by Konverso and our customers' information systems.
Christophe Legland, Partner Success Manager Southern Europe
Automation Anywhere
Umanis has been using Kbot for its own internal needs and after 4 months of learning, Kbot achieved more than 80% in employee satisfaction rates in terms of the service quality.
Annick Barbaux Organization and IS Director
We set up the Kbot in 3 months and eventually expanded it to be accessible to all 11,000 employees. Kbot reduced errors in our request processes. Kbot guided users in our services catalog to find the right services that fit best with their request.
Brigitte Dubel Innovation Lead
AG2R La Mondiale
Konverso has been ranked among top Intelligent Virtual Agents Technology Vendors as part of Everest Group Products PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2020
Everest Group
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Our solutions

Konverso pre-packaged Virtual Agents help agents and business users achieve more

Virtual Agent  for IT Service desk

Konverso’s Intelligent Virtual Agent helps users and agents get things done quickly to ensure the best performance and satisfaction of your IT support


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Virtual Agent for Digital Workplace

Turn your Digital Workplace solution like Microsoft Teams into your autonomous support channel for your employees  


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Conversational search

Unlock the value of knowledge with conversational search and enable users to find answers to their  frequent questions  across knowledge bases


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Voicebot & Callbot

Konverso partners with leading VoiceAi solution providers for users to interact with Virtual Agent through voice in the most natural way


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Konverso’s Conversational AI Platform


Create consistent secured multi-channel experience for your employees.

No code

Manage, extend Virtual Agents with no code/ low code, easy to configure back office

Advanced NLP

Understand voice, text or touch as well context and user’s digression


Advanced chatbot can guide user, perform complex actions in your IT and collect data.

Konverso named one of the top 10 IVA Technology vendors in 2020

Everest Group ranks Konverso among top 10 IVA technology vendors as part of its report «Intelligent Virtual Agents – Technology Vendor Landscape with Products PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2020



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