Microsoft Teams and konverso for an enterprise autonomous IT support channel

Microsoft Teams + Konverso = Enterprise autonomous IT Support Channel

All companies are looking for ways to optimize their business processes, add more self-care to save time and contribute to their shift-left strategy. But IT support is often overlooked as a way to achieve those productivity gains, while numerous studies show that slow IT support undermines all the productivity efforts.

If you have already invested in a digital workplace platform like Microsoft Teams, you can increase its usage and value. How ? By adding more automation in the equation. With Konverso’s Virtual Agent for IT support, you are on the fast track of digital transformation to offer a next generation service desk.

The real cost of IT support ticketing system

Many companies are under evaluating the drain on their productivity caused by IT support. Going back to the numbers is critical.

Based on the IT service industry standards, each employee generates one ticket per month on average, and has to wait 5 hours before a human agent from the contact center looks at their ticket. Up to 72 hours can pass before this ticket gets resolved by a live agent.

In this context, investments in IT self-service portals where only logical and driven by two strong factors : the need, expressed by employees, to be more autonomous and the fact that solutions to the most common IT issues had already been catalogued.

And yet, those portals have had limited success in the enterprise space, with an adoption rate of only 15% (source Gatepoint Research).

Even worst, employees who use those portals can still fall in productivity traps. In fact, if an end user spends more than ten minutes in a self-service portal, they cost the organization more money than reaching the IT service desk through Live Chat (source MetricNet).

Beyond the self-service portal

In fact, the self-service approach is still relevant, but should not be limited to portals, FAQ and basic Chatbot. Companies around the world are now massively embracing Digital Workplace solutions like Microsoft Teams and turning away from IT Self-service Portal. In 2020, 500 000 enterprises are now using Microsoft Teams.

With the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and the increase in work from home, Microsoft Teams daily active users have even jumped by 70 percent, from 44 million to 75 million daily active users.

In this time of increased communication and collaboration, the ability to deliver an Enterprise autonomous IT Support Channel is more critical than ever. That’s why Microsoft partners with Konverso to integrate our out-of-the-box Entreprise Class IT Service Desk Virtual Agents (VA) into Microsoft Teams.

Our clients increase their Service Desk availability, decrease Mean Time to Resolution and increase employee engagement and satisfaction with more self-services.

Konverso transforms Microsoft Teams into your Enterprise autonomous IT Support Channel

Konverso’s Virtual Agent can support your employees as they work from home or in the office, as it is natively operational where users need help, directly accessible through Microsoft TEAMS. We have applied Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing technology to our conversational AI platform to create a Virtual Agent that employees like interacting with, through chat or voice.

This additional digital workforce can also assist ITSM specialists for IT support triage by prequalifying more complex requests where human expertise is valued. Konverso’s solution integrates across platforms and provides out-of-the-box connectors to key Enterprise applications, ranging from live chat Knowledge apps, to Robotic Process Automation (RPA), ITSM solutions such as ServiceNow and more.

Konverso’s clients achieve 20% to 60% of automated incident management and reduce costly level 1 support calls by 30%. Our virtual agent speeds up the resolution of frequent users problems or requests, like ordering hardware, managing or unlocking accounts or answer troubleshooting questions.

Enabling the users to reset their password with a self-serve solution like Microsoft Teams coupled with Konverso can save 70% to 90% of the help desk costs associated with passwords. This is what a smart bot can do with intelligent automation.

More on the Microsoft and Konverso partnership

At its creation in 2017, Konverso got selected in the Microsoft startup program. This recognition of Konverso’s pioneering mix of Artificial Intelligence and cloud was the start of a close technological partnership

Konverso is now recognized as an innovative company in the Microsoft ecosystem.

Konverso’s Intelligent Virtual Agent and conversational platform are Microsoft Azure cloud-based solutions. Konverso also continuously benefits from Microsoft’s open innovation and API strategy.

The Virtual Agent is plugged into Microsoft 365’s APIs to automate time-consuming tasks like planning meetings, creating new channels in Teams, resetting passwords. Konverso’s Kbot for Microsoft 365 is also fully integrated with Skype and Microsoft Teams.

Integrating a Virtual Agent in a Digital Workplace environment like Microsoft 365 can accelerate change management. Because a Virtual Agent can not only answer requests but also provide end users with recommendations like tutorials they should look at, based on their profile and usage of Microsoft 365. 

The Virtual Agent also makes Microsoft 365 more productive for the users, delivers automated and contextualized support, and is available 24/7.

Konverso’s Intelligent Virtual Agent is showcased in the MTC (Microsoft Technology Center) and can be tested for free directly on Microsoft’s cloud.

So if you want to turn Microsoft Teams into your Enterprise autonomous IT Support Channel, with a plug-and-play Microsoft approved solution, let’s talk !

Contact our team to know more about Konverso’s solution for your service desk.