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Working in a call centre can be challenging at times. Employees are expected to provide excellent customer service while sometimes dealing with frustrated or difficult customers. In addition, they must be able to handle a large volume of calls and keep up with the pace set by management. This can often lead to long hours and little down time. 

In such a working environment, Agent Assist, a solution now powered by Generative AI technology, becomes an invaluable tool to lighten the workload and make being a call centre agent more enjoyable. To provide excellent customer service, call centre employees must be well-trained and able to handle a variety of situations. But they must also be patient and polite. 

This extra courtesy often comes at a price and is far easier to generate if agents are not overwhelmed by time consuming technological processes. It is here where Agent Assist really shows its worth.  

According to Forrester, customers are 2.4x more likely to remain loyal to brands that quickly solve customer service issues. Whether it is handling customer inquiries and complaints, processing orders and payments, or providing information about products and services, Agent Assist helps grease the wheels of the exchange and ensure a satisfying outcome for all parties. 

In this blog, we’ll talk about the role of Agent Assist and discover how GenAI is enhancing Agent Assist.  

Generative AI and Agent Assist 

In an era where customer experience takes center stage, the significance of efficient and effective customer support cannot be overstated. While agent assist software has traditionally played a pivotal role in delivering high-quality support, the advent of generative AI has elevated this capability to unprecedented heights. 

Agent assist



Generative AI powered Agent assist helps in:  

Maximizing Customer Support 

In their future of CX report, PwC surveyed 15,000 consumers and found that 1 in 3 customers will leave a brand they love after just one bad experience, while 92% would completely abandon a company after two or three negative interactions. It is, therefore, crucial to provide a seamless experience to customers and agent assist can help by providing: 

  • Personalized Responses through Generative AI: According to Forrester, Improving or personalizing CX is a top use case according to 42% of AI decision makers The standout advantage of employing a generative AI-powered agent assist software lies in its ability to deliver personalized responses. In contrast to traditional support systems that often offer generic replies, generative AI-driven assistance tailors each response to the customer's specific query, enhancing their sense of being valued and heard. 

  • Improved Response Time: Operating at lightning speed, generative AI swiftly analyzes incoming queries, providing instant responses. This not only reduces customer wait times but also allows agents to redirect their focus towards addressing more complex issues, boosting overall efficiency.  


 Streamlining Knowledge Base Management: 

As per Accenture's findings, a compelling 64% of customers express the desire for businesses to respond swiftly and in a personalized manner to accommodate their evolving needs. Agent assist can help by:  

  • Automating Content Generation: GenAI powered Agent Assist examines incoming tickets, chats or emails and generates draft responses from a knowledge base, allowing agents to review and modify the content before sending it to customers.  AI-powered generation of call notes and summaries further reduces post-call work for human agents, contributing to overall productivity. 

  • Consistency in Information: Through generative AI-powered guided workflows and suggestions, consistency is upheld across omnichannel customer experiences. This not only enhances customer satisfaction but also increases the likelihood of customers maintaining brand loyalty. 


Ensuring Quality Control: 

According to Accenture, at 47%, inadequate customer service stands out as the primary reason why customers perceive a diminished sense of value. Therefore, it is extremely essential that companies don’t frustrate their customers with poor quality responses. Agent assists can:  

  • Quality Control in Responses: Generative AI-powered agent assist monitors and evaluates agent responses for quality and accuracy. It can flag responses that may require review or revision, maintaining a high standard and consistency of service. 

  • Reducing Human Error: Mitigating the likelihood of errors, generative AI-powered checklists, hints, and suggestions significantly reduce mistakes in agent responses, leading to increased customer satisfaction. 


Enhancing Agent Productivity: 

Agent Assist can increase the contact center agent productivity from between 10% to 20%. By automating parts of the workflow and providing quick and accurate answers to common customer questions, average handle times (AHT) start tumbling, and significant savings are made. 

  • Reducing Repetitive Tasks: Generative AI automates time-consuming repetitive tasks such as maintaining call transcripts, taking call notes, and writing summaries. This allows agents to channel their efforts towards more complex and value-added activities, improving overall productivity. This time-saving process can reduce workload by up to 70%, helping meet service-level agreements and enhancing customer satisfaction.   

  • Training and Onboarding: Leveraging generative AI for training new agents expedites the onboarding process. It provides real-time guidance, answers common questions, and offers immediate reinforcement for agents in the learning phase.  

“Time is money!” and this has always been true no matter the service being provided. However, when it comes to customer relations, Agent Assist has shown itself to be an effective way to speed up processes and save money.  
Simply put, time and money are saved at both ends of the call—and even before any calls are answered. 


GenAI Powered Agent Assist by Konverso 

Our aim at Konverso is simple and singular: to find that sweet spot between human endeavor and artificial intelligence. Gone are the days when customer agents are lost for explanations, acting without personalized support, or worn down by complexity. Agent Assist powered by Generative AI gives your agents real-time assistance to provide customers with even faster and more effective results in the here and now. 

Konverso’s Agent Assist is a cornerstone in efficient customer relations, serving as the linchpin for sustainable growth within your customer service framework.  Harnessing the power of Generative AI technologies, the agent assist solution can significantly boost conversion rates, empowering your agents with superlative capabilities. It achieves this by generating  

  • Real-time response recommendations 
  • Drawing upon knowledge bases for automated solutions  
  • Summarizing interactions 
  • Intelligently delegating routine tasks to a customer support chatbot. 
  • Intuitive interface tailored for business users 
  • Delivering dashboards for monitoring performance.  
  • Monitoring phone calls to analyze conversations between agents and clients, intelligently filtering relevant keywords. 

The platform not only grants you the advantage of facilely interfacing with your IT environment but also seamlessly integrates into customer and agent pathways.  

According to Harvard Business Review, Customers who have high trust in a brand are 3 times more likely to remain loyal to it in the future. Agent assists acts as a catalyst for upskilling new agents, simultaneously reducing attrition and elevating customer satisfaction. In essence, it offers your customers an exceptional experience, marking a significant stride in the realm of increased conversion. This copilot for customer support agents Improved first contact resolution promotes long-term loyalty, encouraging customers to return. 



In the realm of customer satisfaction, agents play a pivotal role, mandated to deliver an exemplary customer experience characterized by seamless and real-time assistance. Their effectiveness hinges on traits such as availability, empathy, and the ability to furnish pertinent answers, all of which are integral to the overall performance of your customer service.  

Contemporary contact centres must eschew their conventional reactive modus operandi in favour of proactive Generative AI-driven models. This paradigm shift not only demands adaptability but is a strategic imperative for the establishment of extraordinary digital experiences synonymous with leading brands. According to Forrester, more than 60% of companies are experimenting (29%) or expanding (33%) with their usage of Generative AI.   

The integration of GenAI transcends mere technological augmentation. By providing a simple yet vital assisting hand, agents can save valuable seconds and minutes during their daily activities. This not only contributes to significant long-term efficiency gains but also enhances overall satisfaction across all fronts.  


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