Konverso Virtual Agent  for Digital Workplace

Extend the value of your Digital Worplace with the first out-of-the-box Virtual Agent. Konverso's solution can be instantly deployed, without code, to boost your employees' productivity.


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"Our goal is to enhance agility, make end users more autonomous and allow real business successes"
Arnaud Lépinois
Managing Director @ Computacenter France

“Integrated with Microsoft 365”

Virtual Agent runs on Azure and is perfectly integrated with Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Self-service portal and more

Unlock the value of knowledge

Users can ask questions in their own words via our natural-language interface and find relevant responses across knowledge bases

No code

Manage, extend Virtual Agents with an easy to configure Bot Management System

 benefits for your digital transformation


Increase the value of your digital workplace

Konverso’s Kbot is an instantly deployable and scalable Virtual Agent solution that will leverage all your investments in digital workplace initiatives and platforms like Microsoft 365.

Immediately add a Virtual Agent on your channels such as TEAMS, SharePoint Portal, Skype...

Delegate certains admin tasks to the Virtual Agent such as granting access to SharePoint, setting up meetings and more. 


Unlock the value of Knowledge 

Connect the Virtual Agent to multiple Knowledge bases (including Confluence, Upland RightAnswers, ServiceNow, SharePoint, Q&A makers, etc..) and it will answer Frequently Asked Questions from your employees. 

Enjoy our dashboards to monitor your Intelligent Virtual Agent activities, extend possibilities without code. Our simple back office solution does not require data science nor coding experience.


Turn Microsoft Teams into your autonomous support channel

Konverso uses machine learning to transform Microsoft Teams into an autonomous IT support channel, helping to resolve employees' tech issues instantly by conversing with them in natural language on the Teams platform.

Using Konverso and Teams, you can resolve a large percentage of IT support tickets



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