Customer Story: The Generative AI IT Help Desk Assistant at Colas.

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Colas Digital Solutions is the Colas Group's IT services and digital solutions company, which manages all IT services for nearly 32,000 employees based in France and abroad.   Every month, almost 10,000 incidents are reported to the service desk, ranging from hardware renewals to the management of business-specific software requests. To lighten the load on its support team in Africa and France, Colas Digital Solutions has deployed Konverso's chatbot 'Sam', which is integrated end-to-end with ServiceNow, accessible in Microsoft Teams and uses the latest generative AI models. Sam manages a significant volume of daily IT incidents, creating tickets himself, escalating to human agents in live chat if necessary, while helping users with their questions on a daily basis.



  • Increased support and improved satisfaction for users, who save time in their searches and requests.
  • Proactive support with the introduction of alerts and links to user guides.
  • Optimised chatbot relevance via generative models.
  • Reducing the workload on level 1 support and the automation of tasks (renewing equipment and creating incident tickets or service requests).
  • Reduced chatbot maintenance effort.



     ✅ 30% of equipment renewals are carried out autonomously via the chatbot.
     ✅ 15% (target 50% within 6 months) of functional incidents on Colas business                           applications are opened via the chatbot and escalated directly to the teams in                   charge.
     ✅ Successful integration of the chatbot securely into Microsoft Teams.
     ✅ The chatbot generates appropriate responses (90%) via Generative AI from the                  5,400 articles visible to users, which form its knowledge base in ServiceNow.
     ✅ Use of the chatbot has recently increased by x 2 since the introduction of a push             notification function that enables the chatbot to proactively contact users on                   very specific subjects.





Sam is a chatbot available on the Konverso conversational AI platform as a SOC2 Type2 certified cloud service. This bot is highly integrated with the ServiceNow platform. After initially using machine learning for language processing, the AI system has been extended in the platform with the implementation of an LLM (GPT-3.5-Turbo) for response generation.


Key success factors: 

  • Implementing RAGs (Retrieval Augmented Generation) on Colas data to maximise the performance of Generative AI.
  • Adding value for users by automating processes (such as for equipment renewals).
  • Using contextual user data available in ServiceNow for a personalised and productive experience.
  • Implementing a responsive UX for chatbot users via their smartphone.
  • Implementing push notifications and other proactive processes to provide a contextualised and personalised experience


Barriers and risks to avoid: 

  • Communication around the chatbot: ensuring that users are aware of the chatbot's existence and functions.
  • Managing hallucinations: in 90% of cases, the answer given by Sam is correct, but a system for transferring the question to a human agent should the chatbot make a mistake needs to be put in place.



In conclusion, the tale of Sam, the Generative AI IT Help Desk Assistant by Konverso, exemplifies the power of innovation in reshaping the future of IT support. Colas Digital Solutions, with the integration of Konverso's cutting-edge technology, has not only streamlined support processes but has achieved remarkable milestones in user satisfaction and operational efficiency. Sam's success in autonomously managing incidents, proactively addressing issues, and leveraging Generative AI models underscores the immense potential of artificial intelligence in enhancing our digital landscapes.


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