Top Customer Experience Trends in 2023 & Solutions

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Uncover the Trends in Customer Relationships

In today's digital age, customers are increasingly seeking seamless experiences through the channels they use in their daily lives.

The demand for real-time answers and resolutions has grown, particularly with the impact of the COVID pandemic. To meet these needs, companies are turning to conversational AI and customer service chat bots, such as virtual agent and virtual assistant agent, to assist agents and provide efficient, personalized support to call center. Companies are adopting smart contact center AI and virtual agent assistant to provide virtual support agent to their customers. Integration of agent assist software in the contact center not only helps businesses meet the needs of their customers, but it also helps reduce agent turnover and improve efficiency.

The agent assist contact center is becoming increasingly prevalent as companies strive to meet the evolving needs of their customers through conversational AI bot.

Companies can now use AI for contact center operations to improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs by implementing intelligent customer experience solutions, such as AI agent assist and real-time agent assist technology.


These advancements in contact center intelligence allow for more efficient and personalized interactions with customers through the use of conversational AI for customer service. The implementation of conversational AI contact center solutions also allows for a more seamless and efficient chatbot customer experience. The integration of AI in the contact center, specifically through the use of agent assist AI and customer support AI, is revolutionizing the way businesses are handling customer interactions.

This guide will provide you with insight into:
  • What are the top trends in Customer Experience? 
  • How can you enhance the customer experience with Conversational AI? 
  • How Machine Learning, NLP, AI search, Automation, and Intelligent routing can be applied to Customer Experience? 
  • What is Konverso’s value proposition?

Konverso's Solutions


Agent Assist

By assisting contact center agents at every step of the way, Agent Assist becomes their best friend.
Agent Assist accelerates new agent onboarding, provides the best recommendations in seconds, and takes care of repetitive tasks so that your contact center agent can focus solely on the customer. 


Konverso's Virtual Agent

Konverso’s Virtual Agent is proactive, personalized and connected.
Available anywhere, it leverages organization's data, knowledge, and systems to deliver outcomes and an amazing experience. 

Intelligent Routing

Intelligent Routing

Intelligent Routing will transport your company to dizzying heights!
Our innovative technology processes vast quantities of data, and uses intelligent algorithms to instantly triage and direct all incoming messages, emails, and webforms to the appropriate assignment group.


your customer support




Recurring Tasks

Quickly automate


of Level 1 support cases




Agent Churn

Reduce by


agent churn




Average Handling Time

Reduce AHT by


and increase satisfaction

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