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Konverso automates high-volume conversations to allow agents to focus on high-value interactions


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Transform your contact center with callbots

Artificial intelligence has significantly increased the performance of automatic language comprehension, speech recognition and synthesis, as well as the ability to learn new cases thanks to machine learning. This allows a more natural exchange between the client and the Callbot and provides a precise response depending on the context. The performance of the automated processing of customer requests is significantly increased.

Impact and benefits of a Callbot

Automate unproductive calls and boost your productivity

Position the callbot in overflow or in the first line 
Handle simple requests end-to-end without asking your agents.
Absorb peak loads.


Free up your team's time for complex interactions

Increase the impact of self-care
Offer natural and fluid conversations
Optimize the customer journey
Combine Callbot and Human agent in a fluid and optimal way

Reduce your operational costs

Save thousands of hours of work
Automate tasks with no added value

Divide the cost of handling calls Automate conversations, in part or end-to-end.

Easily absorb peak loads and reduce callbacks

Konverso Voice & Call Bot features in details


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Partner Ecosystem
Konverso works with a growing ecosystem of partners ranging from technology partners, to SI and Online Service Providers.
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Konverso’s Intelligent Virtual Agent helps customers automate their B2B support for their customers. Agents can focus on complex incidents while delegating to the Virtual Agent the responses to other queries.

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Predictive Intelligence

Provides a layer of AI and Analytics with three frameworks to explore data and use to create machine-learning solutions to predict, recommend, and organize data. 


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