Virtual Assistant for Knowledge Management

Unlock the value of Knowledge with an “out of the box” Virtual Assistant

Knowledge is evolving quickly and is a tremendous asset for the enterprise performance. Maybe you are already dedicating time and resources to capture and share knowledge, with a team of Subject Matter Experts. Did you know that a chatbot could help you make this knowledge even more easy to maintain and share while boosting user engagement ?

Knowledge Management is critical across the enterprise to answer frequent questions from employees and to boost their productivity. For instance, IT service desks need to answer a growing demand (61% of support organizations saw an increase in ticket volume in 2018, according to the HDI Technical Support Practices & Salary Report) with often limited resources. In this context, chatbots as an IT self-service tool can contribute to reduce the volume of calls to the help desk (up to 30%), help IT specialists solve cases faster and increase end-users satisfaction.


Konverso’s chatbot integrates knowledge coming from

Structured knowledge bases

Konverso’s Kbot includes knowledge bases from RightAnswers, ServiceNow, Confluence, SharePoint, etc.

Upland RightAnswers Knowledge-Paks provide more than 90 000 accurate solutions to known issues, for  more than 600 software applications.

Semi-structured Knowledge

Through partnerships with Machine Reading Comprehension tools such as Watson, Microsoft, Konverso’s Kbot is able to find solutions from semi-structured data in pdf/doc documents, excel files, FAQ pages, etc.

Conversational search

Kbot’s conversational layer makes the search interactive and more accurate. 

It generates disambiguation questions on the fly if the user’s input is not precise enough, and also filters the relevant results with its NLP engine.

In addition, as part of a process of continuous improvement, Konverso’s chatbot learns from users’ feedback (like/dislike) for each answer selected from the knowledge base. So if you are looking for ways to build a more employee-centric knowledge experience, chatbots are up to the task. 


1 min demo of Konverso’s Virtual Agent for Knowledge Management

Multilingual capabilities to break knowledge silos

Konverso’s chatbot fully supports 3 languages (English, French, German) but it can handle a greater variety of languages with Neural Machine Translation (NMT). The quality of Machine Learning based translations has greatly improved in the last few years and gets better every month.

When a user starts chatting, the bot will detect his/her language and continue the session in that language. This important feature facilitates the access to information for more users without any prior training or manual enhancement and helps share the most relevant information in the enterprise, regardless of its source language.


A context aware chatbot

Knowledge also depends on context. Kbot has access to some user information through integrations with Enterprise Identity Management Systems and Log analytics. Kbot can adapt its responses based on the user profile. It can search in different knowledge bases and retrieve responses that will vary depending on the user profile.

Kbot will also extract and remember information about the user from conversations such as a location. The bot can also collect information in a proactive way. Kbot can be configured to initiate a profile filling on the first connection and learn about the users job, his/her computer, to personalize the next messages and find more relevant solutions and information for each user.

Features details

Intelligent conversation

Human like conversational capabilities to understand user questions, clarify and articulate the answers and monitor satisfaction.

Machine Learning to accelerate Learning

Virtual Assistant will “learn” the customer specific collections of knowledge solution through ML in order to manage non scripted conversational search with end user.

Federated search

Virtual Agent can search across KM inside and outside the enterprise to support user from apps adoption to Incident resolution. Tight integration into KM through API.

No need for complex knowledge scripting

Leverage KCS features to support Chatbot conversational performance and Zero code required to configure your Chatbot.

Multichannel Virtual Assistant

Kbot is accessible through Microsoft Teams, Facebook workplace, webchat, Skype, Google chat.

Integration with ITSM solutions

Kbot for RightAnswers is integrated into ITSM service catalogs, IT incidents, and more using in‑context conversations for ServiceNow, Serena, JIRA.

Partner Ecosystem

Konverso works with a growing ecosystem of partners ranging from technology partners, to SI and Online Service Providers.