Virtual Assistant for Knowledge Management

Unlock the value of your Knowledge Management foundation with out of the box Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant for Enterprise Knowledge Management System

Knowledge Self-Services

Virtual Assistant can connect to multiple enterprise knowledge management systems to find intelligent responses

No need for complex knowledge scripting

Leverage KCS features to support conversational performance and Zero code required to configure your virtual assistant

Intelligent conversations

Human like conversational capabilities to understand user questions and articulate the answers and monitor satisfaction


Kbot for Knowledge Management, your enterprise virtual assistant for automated responses

Increase Self Service Adoption

Increase adoption and usage of self-care services for knowledge

Improve Digital Engagement

Simplify and improve Digital Workplace end user experience

Scale Business Efficiency

Complement your Service Desk knowledge service with a virtual assistant on the same systems

They Trust Us

Upland software publicly-traded company the NASDAQ Global Market selects Konverso to extend its Knowledge Management solution with a Virtual Assistant built on Konverso Conversational AI platform.