Virtual Assistant for Knowledge Management

Unlock the value of your Knowledge Management foundation with out of the box Virtual Assistant


Improve and Increase


Reduction in calls to your service desk


Effective searches


User satisfaction

Unleash the value of your Enterprise Knowledge

Features details

First Virtual Agent trained on the RightAnswers Knowledge-Paks

With over 90.000 solution articles and 600+ software titles. You benefit from ongoing updates, a knowledge cycle guarantee, and audience-specific libraries.

Intelligent conversation

Human like conversational capabilities to understand user questions and articulate the answers and monitor satisfaction.

Machine Learning to accelerate Learning

Virtual Assistant will “learn” the customer specific collections of knowledge solution through ML in order to manage non scripted conversational search with end user.

Federated search

Virtual Agent can search across KM to support user from apps adoption to Incident resolution. Tight integration into KM through API.

No need for complex knowledge scripting

Leverage KCS features to support Chatbot conversational performance and Zero code required to configure your Chabot.

Multichannel Virtual Assistant

Kbot for RightAnswers is accessible through Microsoft Teams, Facebook workplace, webchat, Skype, Googlechat).

Integration with ITSM solutions

Kbot for RightAnswers is integrated into ITSM service catalogs, IT incidents, and more using in‑context conversations for Servicenow, Serena, JIRA

Partner Ecosystem

Konverso works with a growing ecosystem of partners ranging from technology partners, to SI and Online Service Providers

Customer’s story

+ 4,000+ Customers & Growing
+ 100% Customer Success Commitment
+ Headquarters Austin, Texas

Benefits from Konverso

+ Works on any version of RightAnswers
Leverage the KCS methodology 
Pre-learning of the RightAnswers Knowledge-Paks
+ Learns customer specific knowledge articles faster than any other solution
+ Pre-built integration into Enterprise Information Systems