Virtual Assistant for IT Service Desk

Unlock the value of your next generation IT Service Desk with out of the box Virtual Assistant

End to End Virtual Assistant for IT Service Desk

Knowledge Self-Services

Virtual Assistant can connect to multiple enterprise knowledge management system to find intelligent responses

Out-of-the-box Conversation Topics

Out‑of‑the‑box conversations for ITSM applications make it quick and simple to guide users from conversation to resolution

Automated Resolution

Virtual Support Assistant is connected to RPA
in order to automate specific tasks


Kbot for IT Service Desk, your enterprise virtual assistant for automated end user Support

Increase Self Service Adoption

Increase adoption and usage of self-care services for knowledge, ITSM or RPA self-care

Improve Digital Engagement

Simplify and improve Digital Workplace end user experience

Scale Business Efficiency

Handle higher volume of routine tasks

They Trust Us

Computacenter selects Konverso to offer its clients IT Service Desk Virtual Assistant built on Konverso AI Conversational platform

Our customer testimonies

Umanis used Kbot for its own internal needs and after 4 months of learning, Kbot achieved more than 80% in employee satisfaction rates in terms of the quality of service

Annick Barbaux

Organization and IS Director, Umanis

We set up the Kbot in 3 months and eventually expanded to be accessible to all 11,000 employees. Kbot helps reduce errors in our request processes. Kbot guides users in our services catalog to find the right services that fits best with their request. We have already recorded a drop in calls to our service desk after only 2 months of implementation.

Brigitte Dubel

Chief of Projet Innovation, AG2R La Mondiale