Virtual Assistant for IT Service Desk

Unlock the value of your next generation IT Service Desk with an “out of the box” Virtual Assistant

Konverso’s mission statement is to empower business users with virtual assistants that help resolve their IT issues quickly, increase their productivity and enable them to adopt digital apps and digital workplace tools like Office 365 faster.

We have been working on Enterprise AI Assistants since 2017 and applied Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing technology to the IT Service Desk market where AI and automation can bring new sources of productivity.


Konverso’s value for IT service desks

End User Support represents an average annual cost of 300 € per business user (Econocom estimate). With our clients, we have measured an average 30% reduction in calls to Support operations, 80% increase in End user satisfaction, 30% in savings due to automated tasks.



One of our early clients is Computacenter, the global provider of IT services. Konverso’s chatbot provides assistance to Computacenter’s 15 000 employees in the world, including 3 000 service desk agents, in three languages (French, English and German).

By 2020, 50% of Computacenter’s helpdesk calls will be managed by Konverso’s Virtual Assistant for IT Service Desk, before the solution is rolled out to serve Computacenter’s own clients.

Full Computacenter case study


1 min demo of automated Support with Konverso’s IT Service Desk Virtual Agent

Konverso’s key features

Right out of the box, our chatbot can already deliver value to your IT service desk. Because we designed Konverso’s Virtual Assistant for IT Service Desk to integrate with ITSM solutions, with built in Conversation Topics. Our chatbot also comes loaded with specialized IT service desk knowledge bases. Konverso is the first IT Service Desk Virtual Agent trained on the RightAnswers Knowledge-Paks Library for IT support, which provides more than 9 000 accurate knowledge solutions to issues on more than 600 software applications.

Other key features include the integration with Live Chat, an Intent Designer to create your own conversation workflows, Email Processing, Push Notification to end user, and Robotic Process Automation (we partner with Automation Anywhere and UiPath).


RPA or chatbot ?

Robotic Process Automation and Intelligent Virtual Agents can actually work together. Everest Group recently selected 10 Intelligent Virtual Agent solutions, including Konverso, to assess the evolution of the market. They analysed that the success from Robotic process automation (RPA) implementations is fuelling interest in the IVA solutions. At Konverso we believe that RPA and IVA are now converging, and they will work more together to bring more value to enterprises.

Full article on Everest Group’s analysis and Konverso’s take on RPA & chatbot

Features details

Integration with ITSM solutions

Our solutions unlocks more value from ITSM solutions including Servicenow, Microfocus, JIRA and others.

Out-of-the-box Conversation Topics

Out‑of‑the‑box conversations for ITSM applications make it quick and simple to guide users from conversation to resolution.

Integration with Live Chat

Transfer to a live human agent at any time during a conversation for a seamless handoff between a virtual agent and an employee.

Intent Designer

Anyone can design conversation workflows without the need for scripting and advanced skills.

Email Processing

Virtual ITSM Assistant processes incoming emails or uncategorized Self-Services by applying machine learning rules.

Push Notification to end user

Chatbot can be configured to notify user and assist user to execute some specific tasks.


Virtual Assistant is connected to Windows analytics to understand user context and provide best support.

Knowledge Self-Services

First Virtual Agent pre-trained on IT Service Desk Knowledge packs which can leverage knowledge wherever it is (inside your enterprise or outside).

Robotic Process Automation

Virtual Support Assistant is connected to RPA in order to automate specific tasks such as Password reset and other.

Partner Ecosystem

Konverso works with a growing ecosystem of partners ranging from technology partners, to SI and Online Service Providers.

Open Conversational AI platform for ISVs and SIs to build their solution