Virtual Assistant for IT Service Desk

Unlock the value of your next generation IT Service Desk with out of the box Virtual Assistant


Accelerate, Improve, Scale


Reduction in calls to Support operations


Improvement in End user satisfaction


In savings due to automated tasks

Automated Support with our IT Service
Desk Virtual Agent

Features details

Integration with ITSM solutions

Build conversational AIs for all engagement channels and create a consistent multi-channel experience for your employees.

Out-of-the-box Conversation Topics

Out‑of‑the‑box conversations for ITSM applications make it quick and simple to guide users from conversation to resolution.

Integration with Live Chat

Transfer to a live human agent at any time during a conversation for a seamless handoff between a virtual agent and an employee.

Intent Designer

Anyone can design conversation workflows without the need for scripting and advanced skills.

Email Processing

Virtual ITSM Assistant processes incoming emails or uncategorized Self-Services by applying machine learning rules.

Push Notification to end user

Chatbot can be configured to notify user and assist user to execute some specific tasks.


Virtual Assistant is connected to Windows analytics to understand user context and provide best support.

Knowledge Self-Services

First IT Service Desk Virtual Agent trained on the RightAnswers Knowledge-Paks Library for IT support. Includes federated search capabilities.

Robotic Process Automation

Virtual Support Assistant is connected to RPA in order to automate specific tasks such as Password reset and other.

Partner Ecosystem

Konverso works with a growing ecosystem of partners ranging from technology partners, to SI and Online Service Providers.

Customer’s story

+ 15.000 employees
+ 4.7 billions € in revenues
+ 16 service centers
+ 4.5 millions end users supported

Benefits from Konverso

+ 17% of users’ requests through the Bot
+ Increased level of satisfaction
+ Improve IT Agility
+ Enable business success

Open Conversational AI platform for ISVs and SIs to build their solution