Virtual Assistant for Digital Workplace

Unlock the value of your Digital Workplace with the first out-of-the box Virtual Assistant for Office 365 on Azure cloud 

Konverso has been working on Enterprise AI Assistants since 2017 and applied Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing technology to create the first Virtual Assistant for Office 365. Konverso is a Microsoft Partner with an instantly deployable and scalable solution hosted on Microsoft Azure cloud. Kbot for Office 365 is also fully integrated with Skype and Microsoft Teams.


Konverso’s value for your Office 365 workplace

Konverso’s Kbot can help you accelerate the adoption of Office 365, the use of the apps, and automate level 1 support. With our clients, we have measured an average 30% increase in Office 365 adoption, 80% user satisfaction, 30% in savings due to automated tasks.

1 min 30 demo of Konverso’s Kbot for Office365

Konverso’s key features

Konverso’s Kbot for Office 365 offers instant deployment on Azure Cloud and integrates with ITSM solutions.

The virtual assistant boosts usages because it recommends users with content to help them adopt O365  and it is natively operational where users need help, and directly accessible through Microsoft TEAMS or Skype Enterprise. Even if it is a powerful chatbot, it can also seamlessly transfer any request to a human agent through Live Chat.

Kbot integrates trainings for Office 365

If you are looking for a way to optimize your training budget, consider the  chatbot approach. Konverso’s Kbot integrates an Office 365 Mooc provided by ours partners. Kbot for Office 365 can suggest the most relevant trainings based on the user’s context and his/her usage of Digital Workplace solutions.

Don’t underestimate this effort to train end users. According to the 2018 Gartner survey on Microsoft Office 365 implementation, for every dollar spent on O365 licenses, organizations are spending between 6 and 9 dollars on training and customizations. Based on Forrester’s estimates, the ROI could be fast. On average, organizations reach payback for Office365 deployments in 7 months, and 162% of ROI after 3 years.

Changing your employees habits implies long-term training and assistance, two services that a chatbot can provide directly to the users. 

To know more, read our article O365 adoption: Top 3 reasons to include a Digital Workplace Chatbot.

Features details

Instant deployment on Azure Cloud

Activate your Virtual Assistant in Azure cloud and start enjoying the value of your assistant for all your users.

Modern usage with Microsoft TEAMS

Let your user enjoy your office 365 Virtual Assistant through Microsoft TEAMS or Skype Enterprise in multilanguage.

Integration with 0365 elearning MooC

The Virtual Assistant is integrated with 0365 MooC from partners.

Self care

Virtual Assistant comes with a rich data base of self services articles from partner and is connected to MSFT Support.

Integration with Live Chat

Transfer to a live human agent at any time during a conversation for a seamless handoff between a virtual agent and an employee.

Increase Productivity

Virtual assistant is integrated with 0365 through Graph API which allows to book meetings for your users and your team, search for your latest presentation in SharePoint/ OneDrive.


Virtual Assistant is connected to Windows analytics to understand user context on 0365 usage and provide best support.

ITSM integration

Virtual Assistant is connected to ITSM solution to manage incident related to 0365 with automated incident classification.

Increase capabilities with Microsoft Cognitive Services

Augment your 0365 Virtual Assistant with Capabilities such as Text to speech from Microsoft through our open platform.

Partner Ecosystem

Konverso works with a growing ecosystem of partners ranging from technology partners, to SI and Online Service Providers.