Virtual Agent

Konverso’s Virtual Agent is a chatbot and voicebot you can instantly deploy, to boost your employees’ productivity.


  • “Plug and play” your Virtual Agent into your Enterprise IT, including O365, ServiceNow and more.


  • Unlock the value of Knowledge and tap into all your existing enterprise knowledge (SharePoint, Confluence…) to answer frequent questions.


  • “No-code” interface to extend your Dynamic FAQ Chatbot.


  • Maximise adoption with a multi-channel chatbot and voicebot with AI boosted conversational skills.

Kbot’s key benefits / Chatbot

Reduce IT Helpdesk costs through automation

Konverso’s clients achieve 20% to 60% of automated resolution and reduce costly level 2 support calls by 30%Konverso also plugs & play with Robotic Process Automation. AI Chatbots and RPA can enable users to reset their password with a self-serve solution that can save 70% to 90% of the help desk costs associated with passwords.

Increase value for your Digital Workplace and unlock knowledge

Konverso’s Kbot is an instantly deployable and scalable chatbot that will leverage all your investments in digital workplace initiatives and platforms like Office 365.

With a simple “no code” interface, answer Frequently Asked Questions and simply integrates Knowledge coming from inside and outside the entreprise (knowledge bases like Upland RightAnswers, ServiceNow, SharePoint Q&A and Q&A makers).

Maximize the impact of your Chatbot

Kbot’s conversational skills make the search interactive and more accurate (90% accuracy). With its NLP engine, Kbot can filter data to quickly guide the users to the most relevant content.

 Multichannel integration with voice capabilities assures that your users can connect with bots through the channels they are the most comfortable with, including email, chat, Skype, or a simple phone call.

Our Chatbot / Virtual Agent Use Case:

Konverso automates IT Service Desk (Part I: Guest Wi-Fi)

They use Kbot, Konverso's Chatbot solution, on a daily basis

Our goal is to enhance agility, make end users more autonomous and allow real business successes

Arnaud Lépinois
Managing Director @ Computacenter France

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