Konverso Conversational AI platform

Everest Group ranks Konverso among top 10 IVA technology vendors as part of its report

“Conversing with AI Market Report 2019”

A complete Conversational AI Platform

AI Services

  • Advanced NLP
  • Automated Learning
  • Third Party Cognitive Services

General Services

  • Administration
  • Enterprise Integration
  • Multichannel
  • Analytics & Insights
  • Security

Design And Deploy Services

  • Intent builder
  • Conversation Orchestration
  • Automated Testing
  • Flexible deployment
  • Lifecycle Management

AI Services

Advanced NLP

  • Natural Language Understanding : several NLP engines, leveraging Machine Learning, Symbolic Pattern and Grammar Rules
  • Natural Language generation : innovative sentence generation mechanism including definition of responses in multiple languages, diversity and embedded variables 
  • Conversational Orchestration engine : orchestrates  multiple actions based on user input

Automated Learning

  • Built-in models: machine learning based classifiers for the most common needs. 
  • Tooling: complete set of tools and reports to build your own classifications, with automatic detection of the best algorithm (SVM, Random Tree forest,..) and NLP pre-processing rules for your data
  • Deep Learning: automatically generates responses based on past conversation leveraging the latest Seq to Seq Deep Learning algorithms. Embed advanced libraries such as TensorFlow or Kerasfor this work.

Third Party Cognitive Services

  • Third party cognitive services: leverages services from Microsoft or Google
    • Speech to Text and Text to Speech
    • Automated Translation
    • Custom Search
  • Open platform: integrates more cognitive services such as
    • Sentiment analysis
    • Image recognition

General Services


  • Pre-integrated with Enterprise Digital Workplace solutions: Microsoft Teams, Google Chat, Facebook Workplace
  • Native TEAMS apps
  • Leverage Digital workplace capabilities: authentication, secured communications, cross OS and devices
  • Webchat for your enterprise portal
  • Adaptative Content based on channels capabilities

Enterprise Integration

  • REST API ready
  • Provides a set of pre-built API integrations reducing development and cost.
  • Enterprise authentication such as Azure OAuth2
  • Collaborative platforms such as 0365, G-suite
  • ITSM suite such as Servicenow, Microfocus, Jira, Glpi
  • Knowledge Management such as Confluence, RightAnswers
  • RPA such as UIPath
  • Easy to build custom integrations with enterprise systems. 

Analytics and Insights

  • Connect to Log Analytics solutions and Microsoft Graph to access data to understand user’s context and usage
  • Collect detailed data from each user interaction
  • Convert inputs into insights with out-of-the-box visualization templates
  • Export data easily into your favorite business analytics packages

Design and Deploy Services


  • Intent builder Easy to use editor to create and manage intents quickly
  • Large set of ready to use intents that can be reused or modified
  • Connect to Enterprise Knowledge Management and train the Virtual Assistant
  • Embed Python scripts directly in your bots with no limitation


  • Test and modify your conversations in real-time during development
  • Use reports for understanding and debugging conversations 
  • Define regressions tests
  • Execute iterative regression tests to measure Virtual Assistant performance and optimize the effectiveness of your bot’s training.


  • Build once – deploy on multiple channels
  • Support High availability architecture 
  • Deploy in cloud or onprem
  • Upgrade and manage versioning of all changes via Git integration
  • Monitor Service availability and alerts

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