Konverso offers your organization an opportunity to sign up now for a scoping engagement

Why select Konverso :

Define the "Why a Chatbot for my company"

Most companies start with a technical mindset and look out for features on the market. They often forget to answer a critical question which is: "what is the problem I need to fix" and "what is the appropriate technology to fix my problem"

Define the "What use cases for my Chatbot"

Our consulting team will explore your company data and leverage Konverso's unique technology to identify use cases that can be automated by our Virtual Agent. Our team will come out with a roadmap of well-defined quick wins and mid-terms use cases. 

Define the "When the chatbot will deliver value"

Our team defines a rigorous plan to deliver the use cases in an agile way in order to quickly deliver value for your users and for your service desk agents.

Define the "How much value" will generate the Chatbot

Our team builds a robust business case and ROI model over 4 years with the hypothesis that are validated by our customers.