Konverso offers your organization a unique opportunity to sign up now for a 10-Day Free Trial on our Digital Workplace Virtual Assistant.

Why register for Konverso’s free trial :

A prepackaged and preconnected chatbot as a service

Our virtual assistant comes loaded with intents, entities, knowledge bases and is already connected to cloud services, including O365 and ticketing systems.

A Proof Of Business rather than a Proof Of Concept

Konverso’s virtual assistant has been designed around clear business goals such as “accelerating the adoption of digital apps”, “automating IT support” and “increasing end-users productivity”. Customers and partners do not need to look for use cases and build a time-consuming Proof Of Concept, those use cases come pre-packaged in the solution.

An unfiltered and holistic view of the capabilities of a chatbot

This free trial includes a full tour of the Analytics, chatbot performance measurement, conversation monitoring, and a discovery of the training environment enabling the domain expert to further train the virtual assistant while also using pre-defined stories for end users.

A multilingual test

Konverso Virtual Assistant is already multilingual (French, English, German) and has already been deployed in production for multinational clients like Computacenter. This test will enable you to really see the implications of a multilingual environment for your virtual assistant project. The Konverso team is also working to extend capacities to 15 languages.

A benchmark for your AI assistant project

You may have already started building your own chatbot solution. Or you may have integrated other solutions ranging from FAQ chatbot or single turn conversation to multi round conversation chatbot and contextualized / proactive chatbot. With this test, you can decide between building or buying your chatbot, benchmark the performance of your existing solution and validate features that would bring value to your business.