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Konverso’s Intelligent HR Virtual Agent helps employees in HR queries and empowering HR staff to take up important tasks


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Key features of our Virtual Agent

Multichannel Access

Enable employees to engage with Virtual Agent in self-service Portal, Microsoft Teams, and more

Automated learning

A unique patent-pending function that allows the Virtual Agent to learn automatically from human conversations 

Pre-built conversational scenario

Quickly deploy intelligent conversations for the most common enterprise HR scenarios.

Extend conversational scenarios

Leverage intuitive graphical user interface and built-in NLP engine to build, test and deploy more scenarios without coding 




Improvement in Employee Engagement


Increase in employee productivity


Call Volume Reduction

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Success Story

The virtual agent is a domain-trained bot that empowers human-like conversations to respond to most asked employee queries at the workplace. It can be as simple as querying about leave balance to managing ticket information and update.



HR Virtual Agent

Additional Virtual Agent features


Partner Ecosystem
Konverso works with a growing ecosystem of partners ranging from technology partners to System Integrators.

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Virtual Agent for IT Service Desk

Konverso’s Intelligent Virtual Agent brings pre-built conversations for the most common enterprise IT scenarios to make it easy for employees to get things done quickly


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Konverso's conversational search


Konverso’s TicketIQ automates the repetitive and time-consuming processes of creating, classifying, routing tickets for agents. Combined with Virtual Agent for IT Service Desk it will also perform diagnostic and resolution.


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Konverso's Virtual agent for microsoft 365

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