Virtual Agent for Customer Support


Konverso’s Intelligent Virtual Agent responds to customer simple queries and empowers staff to take up important tasks


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Key features of our Virtual Agent

Multichannel Access

Enable employees to engage with Virtual Agent in self-service Portal, Microsoft Teams, and more

Automated learning

A unique patent-pending function that allows the Virtual Agent to learn automatically from human conversations 

Pre-built conversational scenario

Quickly deploy intelligent conversations for the most common enterprise HR scenarios.

Extend conversational scenarios

Leverage intuitive graphical user interface and built-in NLP engine to build, test and deploy more scenarios without coding 




Improvement in customer Engagement


Increase in support agent productivity


Call Volume Reduction

Is your Help Desk optimized enough?

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Success Story

NowBrains has decided to automate its first-line customer support based on Konverso's technology. NowBrains leverages Konverso's unique Machine Learning capabilities to learn from past resolved tickets provided by trusted agents and auto-triage tickets by classifying, routing, and assigning tickets to the right service agent



Nowbrains - success story

Additional Virtual Agent features


Partner Ecosystem
Konverso works with a growing ecosystem of partners ranging from technology partners to System Integrators.

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Virtual Agent for IT Service Desk

Konverso’s Intelligent Virtual Agent brings pre-built conversations for the most common enterprise IT scenarios to make it easy for employees to get things done quickly


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Konverso's conversational search

Predictive intelligence

Solution d'IA et d'analyse avec trois Framework pour explorer les données et créer des solutions d'apprentissage automatique pour prédire, recommander et organiser les données.

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Konverso's Virtual agent for microsoft 365

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