Cognitive Knowledge Management

The first IT Service Desk Virtual Assistant already trained on Knowledge-Paks® library for IT support, covering the most commonly used software applications (such as MSFT 365 or Windows 10) and devices.

The solution

A virtual assistant that researches knowledge base.

Depending on the theme of a conversation, Konverso researches from the appropriate knowledge base to identify the right answer

Embedded IT knowledge base

Through a partnership with RightAnswers, thousands of FAQ answers are available for Service Desk agents and end users.

Hybrid deployment

Our virtual agent can be deployed in the Cloud or on premise depending on the customer context

The benefits

Our unique partnership with knowledge base players enables our virtual assistant to be immediately ready to use due to its integrated knowledge base that exploits the power of conversational research. This increases the performance of your help desk.

30% less calls to your service desk

Deal with the most common questions directly through the virtual assistant via its knowledge bases

80% of effective searches

Use of an intelligent orchestration service to identify the most appropriate knowledge base

89% of user satisfaction

Generation of a high customer retention due to ease of access to information and relevance of results