Our Mission

To automate enterprise support functions by offering pre-packaged solutions powered by Konverso’s artificial intelligence platform to increase productivity for service desk agents, employees, and the wider organization.

–  Konverso


Increase productivity for Service Desk agents

-Decrease service time for demand and incident processing
-automate tasks
-eliminate routing errors


Simplify the lives of employees

-Increase self-service resolutions through always On IT Service Desk Virtual Agent


Improve quality of service

-Guarantee greater availability from the Service Desk and a higher level of service (multilingual, multidevice, 24h service)

A unique platform to best serve the organization and its employees

Process Automation

Knowledge Bases

Machine Learning

AI Plateform

By Konverso



Language Processing

Our Solutions

Konverso’s pre-packaged artificial intelligence solutions optimize the back-office activities of support functions and improve users’ self-service resolution.

Emails et Tickets Automation

Automate the processing and categorization of emails and tickets sent to the Service Desk

Cognitive Knowledge Management

Konverso offers a virtual assistant to ensure a response to frequent questions pulled from a Knowledge-Paks® library for IT support, covering the most commonly used software applications and devices

Cognitive Automation Platform

A platform to develop scenarios for the creation of and pre-processing of tickets, and the automatic resolution of incidents through integrations with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) modules.

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