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Knowledge is evolving quickly and is a tremendous asset for the enterprise performance. Now, users can ask questions in their own words via our natural-language interface and find relevant responses. Konverso Virtual Agent can search across multiple knowledge bases inside and outside your enterprise. 


How Conversational Search boost productivity for agents and users?


Reduction in calls to support operations


Increase in employee productivity


Increase in agent and employee satisfaction

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Konverso’s Virtual Agent works across knowledge systems inside and outside the enterprise

Structured knowledge 

Kbot includes connectors to Enterprise knowledge bases from RightAnswers, ServiceNow, Confluence, SharePoint, and more 

Semi-structured Knowledge

Konverso’s Kbot is able to find solutions from semi-structured data in pdf/doc documents, excel files, FAQ pages, etc.

Knowedge as-a-service

Kbot’s federated search capability cans search on an external website such as Microsoft support or Google support.


Partner Ecosystem
Konverso works with a growing ecosystem of partners ranging from technology partners, to SI and Online Service Providers.

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Konverso’s Intelligent HR Virtual Agent helps employees in HR queries and empowering HR staff to take up important tasks


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Konverso’s TicketIQ automates the repetitive and time-consuming processes of creating, classifying, routing tickets for agents. Combined with Virtual Agent for IT Service Desk it will also perform diagnostic and resolution.


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