Konverso’s chatbot Technology

Benefit from our advanced NLP, with automated learning and third party cognitive services, multi-channel integration, analytics & insights, intent builder, automated bot testing…





Konverso has built conversational virtual agents – or chatbots – designed for enterprise environments and mainly targeting the office of the CIO: Virtual Agent for IT service Desk – Virtual Agent for Digital Workplace – Virtual Agent for Conversational Search, Virtual Assistant for DevOps (coming soon). We have built these Chatbots using our conversational AI platform.

Clients and partners can personalize and extend these pre-built bots with Konverso’s Conversational AI platform. Clients and partners can also build their own Chabots with Konverso’s Conversational AI platform.

Konverso’s platform includes key elements necessary to build a bot, chatbot, call bot, voicebot: Natural Language Processing (NLU/NLG), Dialog Management and context management, Machine Learning, connectors enabling multichannel communication, connectors to key Enterprise applications ranging from Knowledge apps, to Robotic Process Automation(RPA), ITSM and more, to make actions and automate. Konverso’s platform also provides analytics and insights to help customers and partners adapt and fine-tune your chatbots to the evolving needs of your workplace.


How does Konverso’s NLP engine work ?

Intent Discovery



Short Input Matching | Grammar Rule Evaluation | Pattern Matching | Composite Entity Rules Matching | Machine Learning

Intent Orchestration




Natural Language Understanding

Several NLP engines, leveraging Machine Learning, Symbolic Patterns and Grammar Rules.

Natural Language Generation

Innovative sentence generation mechanism including definition of responses in multiple languages, diversity and embedded variables.

Dialog Management

Orchestrates multiple actions from the chatbot, based on user input.


Automated Learning

We provide you with machine learning based classifiers for the most common needs, a complete set of tools and reports to build your own classifications and deep learning functionalities that automatically generate responses from your bot based on past conversations.

Our NLP Engine Include Third Party Cognitive Services :

Speech to Text and Text to Speech • Automated Translation • Custom Search • Sentiment analysis • Image recognition


Multi-channel Integration

Our bot solutions – chatbots, voicebots, callbots – are pre-integrated with enterprise digital workplace solutions such as TEAMS. Leverage digital workplace capabilities and benefit from a webchat for your enterprise portal. We provide you with adaptative content based on channel capabilities.




Analytics and Insights


to Log Analytics solutions and Microsoft Graph to access data to understand user’s context and usage


detailed data from each user interaction with the chatbot / voicebot / callbot.


inputs into insights with out-of-the-box visualization templates


data easily into your favorite business analytics packages


Intent Builder

Easy to use

Editor to create and manage intent quickly


Rich sets of pre-built Intents

Conditional branching

Of conversation based on user profile conversation context and business rules

Managing Interruptions

Intent builder enables developers to specify when and where interruptions are possible within a flow and provides multiple possible options to handle conversation behavior

Reuse Component

Konverso provides a set of intent that can be reused, or modified. When an intent is built, it is then available to be reused and customized


Tooling for Debuging


your chatbot’s dialogs in real-time at each stage of development with built-in tracing and debugging capabilities


conversation and debug logs anytime

View context

for any given user, view all the collected context information such as past conversations, favorite topics, software usage, log analytics.


Automate Bot Testing

Batch testing

Our platform allows you to execute a series of tests to get a detailed statistical analysis and gauge the effectiveness of your bot’s training.

Run regular automated testing suites

to get detailed statistical analysis, view NLP success rates and detailed metrics like precision, recall & F1 scores.


that bot continues to work as expected post changes

Pre-built Test suites

and ability to create custom test suites


and run bot-user conversation suites


Customer’s story

+ 15.000 employees
+ 4.7 billions € in revenues
+ 16 service centers
+ 4.5 millions end users supported

Benefits from Konverso

+ 17% of users’ requests through the Bot
+ Increased level of satisfaction
+ Improve IT Agility
+ Enable business success




Open Conversational AI platform for ISVs and SIs to build their solution


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