Chatbot for Jira  Service Management


Transforms Jira Service Management in an autonomous channel for End-User Support. It answers recurring questions from end-users and it frees agents from simple tasks.


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Key features of our Virtual Agent

Multichannel Access

Enable employees to engage with Virtual Agent through Atlassian self-service Portal and also via other channels such as Microsoft Teams

Leverage Confluence

Simply enable the Chatbot to tap into Confluence, and the Chatbot will retrieve answers from Confluence to answer frequent questions 

Ticket Management

The Chatbot manages request from your end-user who want to check the status of a ticket, add a comment or create a new ticket and assign it to the right category

No Code

Benefit from a no-code platform with lots "s of prebuilt dashboards to monitor performance and simple configuration to define scenarios you want to activate 



Konverso’s value for IT service desks


Reduction in calls to support operations


Increase in employee productivity


Increase in agent and employee satisfaction

Is your Help Desk optimized enough?

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From our Blog: How Konverso Chatbot adds value to Jira Service Management?

You have invested time and money in Atlassian Jira Service Management platform. You want to unlock more value, increase employee productivity, and relieve your agents for recurring simple tasks. Here are 4 reasons Konverso’s Intelligent Virtual Agent brings more value to your Jira Service Management, with a user-centric and easy-to-use solution for Service Desk automation.


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Additional Virtual Agent features


Partner Ecosystem
Konverso works with a growing ecosystem of partners ranging from technology partners, to SI and Online Service Providers.

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Virtual Agent for HR

Konverso’s Intelligent HR Virtual Agent helps employees in HR queries and empowering HR staff to take up important tasks


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Konverso's conversational search


Konverso’s TicketIQ automates the repetitive and time-consuming processes of creating, classifying, routing tickets for agents. Combined with Virtual Agent for IT Service Desk it will also perform diagnostic and resolution.


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Konverso's Virtual agent for microsoft 365

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