Companies across the world are amidst transformations to meet the needs of an increasingly digital world. According to IDC, spending on digital transformation in 2021 is expected to almost double from 2017 to nearly $2.1 trillion. While adding value to the enterprise, all these new technologies are creating new challenges for the IT services desk to support the enterprise. Therefore, a lot of pressure is being placed on IT service desks to improve operational efficiencies and reduce costs. To meet this mounting pressure, companies have encouraged self-service rather than more costly calls to the service desk for basic tasks. In this digital age where knowledge is the new oil, companies need to create and maintain extensive knowledge bases to empower their Service Desk. Artificial Intelligence has grown out of the need to process this knowledge. The new Konverso-Upland partnership offers an AI powered self-service solution that helps companies reduce costs and improve operational efficiencies of the service desk.

Why a conversational chat-based virtual agent adds value to your service desk

There are several reasons why implementing Artificial Intelligence through the Service Desk will prove beneficial. Konverso’s virtual assistant turns the traditional self-service into a conversation with the user through a chat. It can clarify problems and suggest solutions in natural language which users prefer. A study done by BI Intelligence found that 53% of users want to resolve problems over chat because it would save time and 45% agree it would be more convenient. In addition, not only does a chat-based virtual agent make Self service easier to adopt for users, it also significantly lowers costs of self service. A typical level 1 self service call can start at around €20 per case and quickly increase if more advanced support is needed. Self Service costs less than 20% of these costs and leads to a reduction of more than 26% in total service desk costs according to a case study. This would lead to an exponential return on investment which can then be used to solve other IT challenges.

Finally, the Service desk is a good place to start implementing AI in your company and benefit from the first mover advantage that AI offers. Artificial Intelligence is a growing trend expected to unlock trillions of dollars in value across every industry. Among early adopters, Deloitte found that 83% had moderate or substantial economic benefits from their work with these technologies. Additionally, Deloitte reports that the more AI projects are deployed in a company the more often that company reports substantial benefits from the technology. An AI powered service desk, at the heart of your IT infrastructure, could play a central role in the adoption of AI. Konverso’s solutions look to be applied beyond the service desk to other sectors such as human resources or finance.