Konverso on BFM Business: artificial intelligence to automate end-user support

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More and more companies are using artificially intelligent technologies for their digital transformation. A study by Umanis, a Konverso partner, reveals 50% of companies are deploying or intend to deploy artificial intelligence solutions to automate their support functions. Bertrand Lafforgue, cofounder of Konverso, was on Tête à Tête Décideurs by BFM Business, to talk about recent innovations in the market of artificial intelligence and to share its vision of end-user support transformation. Watch the replay below.


Artificial intelligence relieves employees by taking over repetitive tasks


Announcing the take-off of artificial intelligence (AI) in mid-caps and large conglomerates, Bertrand Lafforgue talks about the significative benefits that AI can bring to customers. For the cofounder of Konverso, the optimization of internal processes through automation of time-consuming and repetitive tasks, and the associated savings in time and money, are the main drivers of this technological revolution. The redeployment of “resources towards higher value-added tasks ” and the higher level of employee satisfaction are also viewed positively by management.

For most of these companies, AI is not only an opportunity to improve the performance of their business, but also a valuable addition to decision-making tools, that makes them more reliable and faster thanks to machine learning algorithms. According to Bertrand Lafforgue, this is where Konverso comes in. Its mission is simple: to automate the IT support of midsize and large groups by providing artificial intelligence solutions that automate the management of email flows, tickets, answers to frequently asked questions of employees and incidents resolution, thanks to advanced integration with RPA (Robotic Process Automation) solutions.


The first virtual assistant designed for IT Service Management teams


Konverso has developed the first virtual agent specialized in IT support and already trained on a broad knowledge database, filled with all the common problems IT support manages daily. Available in the cloud, the solution relieves the Helpdesk teams by automatically sorting requests and answering recurring questions. In addition, embedded self-learning functions allow the platform to improve over time, once deployed in the specific context of a client. Finally, Konverso virtual agent can trigger RPA bots to execute specific actions in the customer information system.

After a trial period with key accounts, Konverso has raised funds to meet the growing demand of its customers. Konverso is now accelerating its growth, particularly through the development of its ecosystem of partners (publishers, managed services, consulting and integration), both in France and internationally.


Want to know more ? Konverso offers a one month free trial on its Cloud multitenant Virtual Assistant for O365