Last week, Konverso took part in the second edition of AI Paris with more than 70 exhibitors and more than 3500 participants. The objective of the conference was for clients to find answers to the main technological and strategic challenges of artificial intelligence, to discover the latest approaches and trends and to meet all the players in the ecosystem. The conference was filled by an atmosphere of excitement for the promises offered by the industry. Indeed, according to IDC, the artificial intelligence market is expected to grow by 54% to an overall revenue of 46 Billion euros by 2020.

A plethora of technologies

The 70+ exhibitors represented an incredible offering of the possibilities of artificial intelligence. Among them were a multitude of AI technologies including machine learning, data analytics, IOT infrastructure, search engines, logistics systems, emotion detection, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and of course, natural language processing. These technologies are applied in B2B and B2C models in various sectors such as banking, insurance, healthcare, customer services, HR, logistics, ecommerce, and IT.

Solving a business problem

Key to Konverso’s mission is to solve existing business problems of our customers and partners with our AI Platform. At the conference, Konverso has had the pleasure of speaking with many executives and partners looking to innovate in their sector. These executives are turning to solutions like Konverso’s to increase productivity and to automate repetitive tasks through Enterprise Chatbot. It is estimated that 80% of executives believe that AI improves productivity and creates, according to AICorp. Internal transformation is an important focus of our clients, with up to 50% of companies deploying or planning to deploy AI to optimize internal support functions, according to Umanis, one of our partners.

Located in the centre of the start-up village section of the conference, our team met and discussed our solutions (IT Help Desk Chatbot, Email automation, Cognitive Automation Platform) with a multitude of participants who were looking to learn more about the new horizons of AI. In addition to our booth, we made a presentation at a product workshop on our added value and optimization of the IT Service Desk value chain. In front of a room packed with attendees, we demonstrated how Konverso combines NLP, Machine Learning, and Analytic technologies to lead to email and ticket automation, Virtual Assistant for IT Service Desk, and a cognitive automation platform for the IT Service Desk.


We made some key announcement such as the integration of our AI Platform and our Chatbot for IT Service desk with Upland RightAnswers’ Enterprise Knowledge management solution. By integrating with RightAnswers’ extensive Knowledge-Paks of IT support FAQs, Konverso can offer an AI platform with a pre-existing knowledge base that our IT Service Desk Chatbot has already learned. Partnered to better serve customers, our combined solutions will offer a reduction in calls to the service desk by maximizing self-service resolution through a ready to use platform.