What issues?

For the moment, companies are engaged in a race against hours to accelerate and succeed their digital transformation. All the functions of companies are concerned by this transformation.

Therefore, we speak now of “Next Generation IT Service Desk” which means that, like all the functions of the company, the service desk IT companies is brought to accelerate its transformation to achieve several objectives:
– reduce resolution times for incidents and requests
– reduce transfer errors
– lower the number of calls to the service desk
– increase the number of tickets automatically resolved
– improve user satisfaction

The challenge is thus for each company to properly analyze the value chain of activities performed at the Service Desk and identify time-consuming, basic and recurring activities that can be entrusted to a Cognitive Automation Service.

It’s indeed now possible to delegate less strategic activities to this type of Cognitive Services and to focus its teams on the new complex and high value added activities resulting from the digital transformation.

What answers do Konverso bring?

Konverso positions its solutions across the entire value chain of an Enterprise Service Desk. From incoming contact to the extent of user satisfaction, much of the activity can be automated.

For example, Konverso sets up an automated service for processing incoming emails at the IT Service Desk. Today, we observe that many companies mobilize their teams to process the emails of employees who report an incident or a request for assistance to the Service Desk. The incident handling process is eventually slowed down until the email has been processed. This has significant impacts on the quality of service for employees.

Konverso proposes an approach based on a machine learning algorithm to automatically categorize emails sent to the Support. Konverso’s solution categorises the emails / incident tickets immediately into the ITSM solution and allows companies to avoid a bottleneck. In addition, Konverso’s solution can search its knowledge base to identify the most appropriate answer to unlock the user.

The first successes of Konverso

The Konverso solution has already been implemented in companies such as the Umanis group, for their internal needs. After a few months of learning, it already resolves more than 40% of internal requests and records more than 80% satisfaction rate of employees in terms of the quality of their requests. In front of this first implementation, the group works with Konverso to reinforce the functionalities of the solution.

In addition, a machine learning approach applied to the specific case of the IT Service Desk, such as the automatic categorization of emails sent to the Support, has been set up within a bank.