For any company embarking on a Virtual Assistant project, building a Chatbot isn’t easy. Thus, many obstacles will arise across the road, including obstacles related to language understanding and management evolution. It is not easy then to make the right choice between building your own chatbot, or to opt for a generalist chatbot or to choose a specialist in your work area?

“Build” versus “buy”?

Companies starting a Chatbot project have the two following choices: should they build a virtual assistant using a variety of tools or should they buy a chatbot corresponding to their own business issues? The answer for this simple question has an impact on the risk management, budgets, skills and project schedule.

Thus, any project manager who tackles a Chatbot project must indeed understand that this project will involve multiple components depending on the complexity of its project:
o An engine of language comprehension and language generation
o Deep Learning or Machine Learning
o Management of a linguistic corpus even a multilingual management
o Cybersecurity, authentications, pages roles and users and private data
o Knowledge base management
o Management of integration connectors and integration of cognitive services

For a project manager wishing to focus on the business issues of his/her project, technological and linguistic components become seriously complex. It is therefore important to properly analyze all needs and suppliers.

Choosing a ready-to-use solution

Choosing a dedicated chatbot allows you to have a turnkey and ready-to-use solution to quickly generate tangible benefits for the company’s employees. For example, companies have similar processes in the area of Shared Service Centers or IT Service Desk. This already pre-trained specialized solution with a focus and a clear roadmap maximizes chances of project success and adoption by users and internal teams.

For its part, Konverso has chosen to offer its customers specialized Chatbots by functional area. In particular, we believe that in the company, a certain number of recurring, time-consuming and basic activities will be delegated to a Chatbot. Thus for our Chatbot IT Service desk, the solution is designed in its entirety to enable businesses to achieve their goals of reducing processing time, automating resolutions, accelerating the onboarding of new teams. In addition, the solution we suggest allows our customers to manage the evolution of the solution independently.

Therefore, the Chatbot already has an IT linguistic corpus allowing it to already understand the problems of the office for the management of incidents and requests for assistance. The chatbot is pre-trained on algorithms allowing him to carry out categorizations specific to the IT service desk, it already carries out Self-Services trades employees. The Chatbot is already integrated with IT support solutions such as Servicenow, Serena, GLPI and is already integrated with the company’s communication channels such as Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams. In addition, the chatbot is connected to existing knowledge bases such as Sharepoint, Jira and integrates a catalog of content around the office automation ready to use.

All this allows us to secure project delivery and guarantees our clients the ROI identified during project start-up.