What are the business transformation axes to which Chatbots must respond?

Companies are strengthening their internal digital culture and thoroughly modernizing the employee’s position. The challenge is transforming the working practices of employees to gain collective efficiency.

The goals are to collaborate better, gain agility, improve the working environment and therefore the quality of life at work, secure data while ensuring employees a simple and fluid use of information, as well as saving money by increasing productivity. This has been demonstrated by significant investments in the deployment of collaborative suites like Office 365, Google Suite or the implementation of self-services in many areas of the company HR, IT, CRM.

The automation of certain parts of support functions, attached to the employee’s position to free up more resources, is also one of the major challenges of digital transformation. After the big waves of outsourcing we have witnessed, some limitations seem to have been achieved and companies are now looking at automation.

What are the 4 key attributes of a Chabot for employees?

Companies are therefore evaluating whether virtual assistant solutions can make sense in the context of a specific digital strategy and pragmatic use cases. Thus, the chatbot must satisfy 4 key attributes for its use and its adoption within the company:

Chabot must be ready for use to quickly bring value to the user and accelerate the transformation of employee practices.

The Chatbot must integrate agile with the corporate IS to be the companion available at any time to make the employees’ lives easier and maximize its instant adoption. In particular, a company Chabot must be multi-channel in order to be accessible via the Web, mobile, corporate messaging.

A Chabot must have self-learning and business process automation capabilities to improve the operational efficiency of the company.

The sculpin must be secure to guarantee a secure access to the knowledge of the company and more broadly to the IS of the company.

How is Konverso different?

Konverso focuses on digitalization and the transformation of the company’s support functions to better serve the employees and more particularly the IT Service Desk functions.

Konverso has invested since its creation on the following elements:

A solution that applies automated human language processing technology to an enterprise domain, the IT Service Desk. It is this unique combination that gives it in part its ready-to-use dimension.

Learning or machine learning technologies in combination with an enterprise IT integration engine accelerates automation.

A secure solution that integrates enterprise authentication solutions and an agile solution available in multichannel from users according to their desire of use (webchat, instant messenger, web, mobile …)

For example, Konverso can use its algorithmic and human language processing models to classify and categorize incoming emails to computer support and contact the user to submit the FAQ that seems most appropriate to the resolution of its problem. The FAQ can come from multiple internal or external knowledge bases to which the solution is securely connected.