The conversational Enterprise

Increase the performance of your enterprise services with Artificial Intelligence

The conversational Enterprise

Improve employee productivity with our Service Desk Bot

Millions of users face the same recurring incidents

Wait for the next Service Desk Agent

To handle a blocking incident or an urgent request while the situation requires an immediate and effective response

Being referred back to specific knowledge bases

To solve requests and incidents, which is not the simplest solution for occasional users faced with a stressful problem

Losing time with unintuitive self-services

When you are an occasional user and you have to become familiar with the logic of a specific application, fill in a form with a number of fields that are difficult to understand and to fill in.

Increase performance, improve productivity with our Bot

Ready to use

Kbot contains a knowledge base of diagnostics and resolutions of recurring IT incidents quickly bringing value.


Kbot handles Natural Language Processing and proposes scenarios adapted to the roles (employee, manager, technician, …) to maximize adoption by users.

Integrated with your teams

Kbot is always connected with your teams (internal or external) who collaborate with it to maximize user satisfaction. Kbot is not a new silo in the business.

Available 24h / 365j and multilingual

Kbot is deployed in your data center or in the cloud Microsoft Azure and it is accessible from multiple terminals (tablets, mobiles, PC) and multiple interfaces (chat, web, …) to maximize the adoption.

Integrated into the client information infrastructure

Kbot is integrated in the client IS in order to automate processes and to ensure traceability and compliance necessary for the good functioning of the company.


Kbot independently resolves a number of cases after having correctly qualified the incident.

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